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This is by far the *best* tasting Marinara Sauce I have ever made. I reduced the ingredients to - 2 -28 oz cans crushed tomatoes, 1 medium onion, 2 heaping tbls minced garlic, 1 tbls balsamic vinegar, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp pepper, 1 tbls dried oregano and 2 bay leaves, cooked according to recipe and must add that my house smelled so good all afternoon :>) Served with Calamari for a King. Made for *Fall 2008 PAC*

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Papa D 1946-2012 October 09, 2011

This is the recipe I have been looking for. Real Italian gravy, just like my friends, the Campisis, used to make. Rich, rich flavor that we can't get enough of. So easy to make. I half the recipe and buy the huge can of crushed tomatoes at Sams, just do the math for what you need. I can't believe I'm only the 2nd person to make and review this, the rest of you don't know what you're missing. Thank you so much for posting this. My son and I love you!

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transworldco July 20, 2010

This sauce is amazing! One of my first experiences making homemade marinara and it turned out pretty great! I did scale down the recipe, and I used fresh tomatoes in place of the canned. I just weighed them and used the same weight of tomatoes, and roughly chopped them. I used a variety of red & yellow tomatoes from my garden and the Farmer's Market. I also used leaf thyme in place of the bay leaves (I thought I had bay leaves but turned out I didn't - oops!). I didn't let it simmer quite as long just because I was impatient, and I used my immersion blender at the end to puree the sauce. My sauce was very liquidy (I just used arrowroot starch to thicken it up a bit) but next time I'll probably drain off some of the tomato juice a little bit before adding them to the pot. Thanks for sharing!

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Keee September 13, 2012

This is by far the best "gravy" I've ever tasted, even better than the restaurant down the street owned by Italians. Like a previous reviewer said, very rich. It's also very balanced. The oregano adds an earthy sweetness that is delicious. Well worth the time and money. I did make the whole thing, plan on freezing the extra. I just added your meatballs and can't wait to see how they turn out. Thank you so much for this recipe!

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comicjunkie2@yahoo.com August 07, 2011

This recipe is wonderful!! I am used to making tomato sauce with basil but today I did not have any on hand. I started looking up Italian gravy recipes and I found this. I always have fresh garlic, onions, bay leaves, parsley and balsamic vinegar. Anyway I made this recipe exactly how it was described, of course I only used 2 cans of crushed tomatoes and I minimized the other ingredients, and it was very easy!! Thank you for posting this sauce. Now I can make my eggplant lasagna!!

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babycakes927 April 17, 2011

I just made this today, however I used my last years canned tomatoes, so I knew ahead of time that my sauce would be runny, so I added 24 oz of tomato paste and a little white pepper (personal taste). I canned this batch, I did 45min water bath. It smells great, it's thick, I will make this recipe again. Thanks for sharing. I'm always looking for recipes to use up my last years tomatoes.

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awnutz June 20, 2015

I reduced the recipe to one can in order to try it out. The flavour really comes out the next day. I reheated the sauce and added some cooked mild italian sausage and served it over penne pasta sprinkled with cheese. Very good. This is a keeper. <br/><br/>Revised recipe: ½ medium onion, finely chopped; 1 tbsp olive oil; 2-3 cloves garlic, minced; 1 tbsp dried oregano or basil; ¼ tsp pepper; 2 bay leaves; 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar; 1 28 oz can crushed tomatoes

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Chef Lou May 08, 2014

This was absolutely amazing! I'm usually the girl that tweaks stuff as I cook. This was so awesome, I didn't need to or feel the desire to. And it's actually pretty easy too. Hardest part was scaling it down to the canned tomatoes I had on hand. My family actually asked when I'd make this again. Can't wait to make a full batch and freeze it away. Thank you for sharing. I'd always been intimidated by the notion of making my own sauce... Not anymore.

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RaisingKang September 10, 2013

This sauce was great and required almost no effort at all. I followed Papa D's guide for amounts and it was perfect, not vinegar-y just super rich. Really rich flavor. I made some small turkey ricotta meatballs with this and it was great. This sauce would be really excellent for a meatball sub.

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twodrinkwaters September 30, 2012

OK I have to state this first. I'm a very good cook! Good enough that I have people show up at my door at 5am to see what is cooking in my kitchen. I've catered parties for churches and other people simply because they LOVE my cooking. I've been asked to open my own establishment so I'm no dummy in the kitchen. On top of it I can bake pasteries, pies, cakes, bread and the main course. With that being said i wanted to try a new red sauce. I have my own that has been a hit for years and was taught to me by an old boyfriend who actually was from Italy. But now a then I get that bug that wants something new so I thought after seeing the 5 outstanding reviews this was it. I thought it a bit odd to use balsmaic vinger but what the heck. Well that is what I'm saying now what the ? This is the most horrible tasting sauce I've ever tried. It tastes like vinger and it almost burns the back of your throat. I even tried doubling the tomatoes and garlic and all the other stuff to try to tame it and now I have a huge pot of the worse tasting tomatoe sauce possible. This is awful. How on earth anyone would actually eat this is beyond me. Terrible and now I've waisted my entire afternoon and my money on top of it. What a great disappointement!

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RatherBeCooking3 August 19, 2012
Authentic Italian American Marinara Sauce/ Red Gravy