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Absolutely GORGEOUS bread! A bit of a crunchy crust on the outside and the inside was so wonderfully soft! We were in Ireland last year for our summer holidays and the soda bread we had there tasted exactly the same! And I did get the recipe off our friend's mum which I can't seem to find now. But from what I remember the ingredients were the same except she used buttermilk instead of yoghurt. I am so glad I found your recipe! So now I can say, I finally have found THE perfect recipe for THE authentic Irish Soda Bread! And this time I won't lose it!!! Thank you, Ms Happy Farmer, for sharing this truly wonderful recipe, definitely wil be making this again!

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Aaliyah's&Aaron'sMum March 18, 2008

Haven't made it yet, but would it be good with cheese fondue?

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purplemidnight_5067264 July 12, 2014

Easy and delicious. Made it for guests who ate it all up so I had to make it again.

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dfolius May 16, 2014

I just baked this bread tonight, and it looks beautiful! Unfortunately I won't get to taste it, as I made it as a gift for a friend. Even so, I am reviewing the recipe here, because I had a lot of questions about it, and maybe my review will help clear up someone else's questions. <br/>- First of all, the flour measurements are in ounces. I wasn't sure if that was ounces in weight or ounces in volume. Since we normally measure flour by volume in the US, I went with 8 ounces volume -- that is, one cup (which generally weighs about 6 ounces, or so I've read). In the end, I added 4 more ounces of flour (by weight), because it clearly needed more.<br/>- The first flour ingredient is "wheat flour". I assumed that meant not rye flour, or graham flour, or rice flour, etc. After looking more closely at the photos here on the site, I'm pretty sure she meant "whole wheat flour". I used unbleached white flour, so mine is a white bread, and therefore probably not as authentic as I had hoped. <br/>- The amount of yogurt has so much variation! 10-14 ounces (thank you for specifying "fluid ounces") made it a little tricky. I started with 12 ounces, then ended up adding about one more ounce after I added the 4 extra ounces of flour. That made it soft and sticky, yet kneadable.<br/>I will try this again!

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mombird6464 February 07, 2014

So easy and so delicious! Thanks so much for sharing. Eating this brings some great memories from our trip to Ireland. This recipe even worked great at altitude!

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dandelions_17 November 11, 2009

this was outstanding! for months i searched for this recipe and it yielded incredible results! true irish soda bread, just like my family has made for years!

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roisinanne November 07, 2007
Authentic Irish Soda Bread-Yeast Free