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Highly inferior recipe. When I lived near campus, a Chinese lady upstairs presented me with a HUGE box of instant rice. She said it was inedible, and also couldn't be eaten with chopsticks!<br/><br/>I don't know why anyone would use it. A 2-1 ratio of water to rice, brought to a boil, covered well and cooked, unmolested, on lowest heat (takes 17 minutes for me), and it's done, with little airholes that confirm it.<br/><br/>I ate this, and it tasted - okay. But it isn't even authentic, as it claims to be. Not with instant rice, for starters (which I didn't use). So I doctored it up.<br/><br/>Good fried rice has minced fresh garlic, minced fresh ginger and scallion rings, not onion. Peas and carrots are fine, but not essential - mushrooms ARE essential, as is some small-chopped meat or shrimp, stirfried with whatever other veggies are used. Some fresh scallion should be reserved to put on top when it's served. The egg is a good addition, but not made this way. It's beaten and made into VERY thin, small omelets, which are then chopped and added. The classic Chinese seasonings are: garlic, ginger, sherry or rice wine, and SOME soy sauce. Without them, it's not Chinese fried rice, period.

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faster June 10, 2013

It's hard to imagine an authentic Chinese recipe using instant rice. Find an Oriental market to buy soy. Look for "light soy" (not lite as in lower sodium, but light as in color). Above all, use real rice. To steam, use the fool proof method of water to rice:2:1. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer under low heat - takes about 30 minutes. Let the rice dry and cool completely before using. You'll have a much better dish that is really authentic and you won't be wasting money on instant rice. I live in the Far East for 3 years and saw this dish cooked many different ways, with and without soy.

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Chef I'll Never Tell August 24, 2009

This was a GREAT dish with your Evergreen's General Tso's Chicken! Simple to make, even though it seems like a lot of swapping and transferring, it really isn't. This had great flavor, very similar to the ones at our local buffets. BUT, my 2 DS won't eat the rice at the restaurants, and they LOVED this rice! I did check my soy sauce before making the dish, and luckily I had the real stuff this time (I know after reading your note that I haven't in the past) and it does MAKE the dish. Thanks for posting even though there were already fried rice recipes on the site! You will ALWAYS be remembered!

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ColCadsMom May 20, 2007

Unfortunately, it is just another fried rice recipe. Coming from NY, with Chinatown right around the corner, it just doesn't compare. I'll just have to keep looking.

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ct40 January 15, 2007

This didn't really taste a whole lot like fried rice (maybe I didn't make it very well), but it was still good. I wanted fried rice to go with vegetables and chicken I was stir-frying in teriyaki sauce. This went excellently with that, even if it doesn't taste exactly like what you get in a Chinese restaurant.

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michelle349 July 07, 2015

AUTHENTIC Fried Rice- are you kidding me???? Instant rice? Where is the garlic, ginger, FRESH vegetables?? PLEASE!!!

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richnmarcie April 12, 2014

We liked this recipe. I didn't use the instant rice, I used regular but otherwishe followed the recipe. I will continue to use this recipe. I appreciate this recipe being posted.

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mommyoffour January 12, 2010

By far the best i have had at home.

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Chef Vern Fields December 30, 2008

Very Good! I made this for dinner a few days ago and Hubby LOVED it. My children even ate it all up. I used regular rice (not instant) but did everything else as stated. It was delicious and will be made again as variety to plain rice!

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kendrickinc1 August 22, 2007
Authentic Chinese Fried Rice