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This was by far the most delicious cake I have ever made from scratch - better than anything store bought or bakery made! I have never made a Black Forest cake before, but my daughter was learning about Germany in preschool and I thought it would be a fun home activity for her to participate in baking an authentic German dessert. This was the first recipe that popped up in my Google search, and I'm so glad it did! I made a few alterations to the recipe - namely that I omitted the Kirsch since children would be eating it. I also made this cake in February, when cherries are not in season and near impossible to come by in any store. I used canned cherries instead, and saved all of the drained syrup to use in place of the Kirsch. My only recommendation is to cut back on the cherry juice/kirsch this cake calls for, because the bottom layer of my cake turned into a soggy mess. I also recommend piping a layer of the filling around the outside edge of the cake after you layer the filling on, and just lay the cherries in the center of the ring, thus keeping them away from the outside edges. My cherries slid out of the sides as soon as I added the next layer of cake on top, so this would prevent that from happening. And even though the recipe says to add cherry juice if the filling is too thick - don't! The filling SHOULD be thick, so it can support the next cake layer and not squish out the sides. I learned that too late. I used maraschino cherries to decorate the top of my cake since I didn't have enough canned cherries to use on the top. All in all, an AMAZING recipe! My head is already floating in the clouds with how great this cake turned out, I can't even imagine the results if I actually used the Kirsch!! Thank You, Bekah_Goertzen!!!

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haven39176 February 28, 2013

This cake is unbelievably good. I made it for a German-themed Easter gathering. The host, who was born and raised near Stuttgart, actually jumped with glee when I arrived with the cake. He said it was very authentic and as good as any he's ever had back home. He even posted a picture of the cake on Facebook, and it was only the second picture in 5 years he's ever posted!<br/><br/>There were only about a dozen people at the get-together, and the cake was such a big hit I was commissioned to make four more cakes for $50 each! That certainly helped me get over the sticker shock I experienced when I purchased the Kirschwasser.<br/><br/>I made the recipe exactly as stated with canned pitted dark cherries in heavy syrup (Oregon brand, two 15oz cans, drained, including the 15 or so cherries I reserved for the garnish) because I could not locate fresh cherries in any local markets in April. <br/><br/>I also made two minor procedural modifications: 1) I followed the lead of the reviewer who linked her modified recipe for this cake by gradually brushing the 1/2 cup Kirsch that the cherries had soaked in onto the tops of the three cakes (I had poked about 30 holes with a toothpick in each cake) while the cakes were still in the pans and had not yet cooled. I did incorporate the full 1/2 cup amongst the three layers. 2) I beat the whipped cream to just shy of soft peaks and added the powdered sugar, dry milk, and Kirsch, then beat to stiff peaks. I didn't want to risk overbeating the icing while trying to thoroughly incorporate the stabilizers/flavors. I also doubled the icing quantity to be certain I would have enough to both frost and decorate. I'll use the leftovers to dip strawberries for dessert another night.<br/><br/>I was frustrated that I was short on time while decorating the cake and I somehow had a clogged piping tip, so my intended rosettes looked more like blobs, but no one at our dinner party cared about that. I'll be sure to leave more time to troubleshoot little issues like that next time I make the cake.

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TrinityL* April 21, 2014

This was my first ever attempt at a Black Forest Cake and I'm so glad I chose this recipe. It is, indeed, a dessert for grown-ups. I'm making it again this week on request for my step-mother's birthday. My only problem was that I had to use cherry juice instead of Kirsch as children were going to eat it. I solved the lack of alcohol problem by serving cherries in kirsch on the side. The espresso in the butter filling was an inspiring touch.

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enfox May 23, 2012

This is amazing!!!! A wee bit time consuming, just due to assembly, but don't let that scare you. It is no more complicated than making any other cake from scratch. This is a real Holiday treat and will forever be my Easter desert for my German mother.

TIP: don't decide in a whim to make this cake. Depending on where you live (such as the cultural wasteland known as Arizona, where I live) you may have to take some time to find the ingredients. All food made with love should be planned ahead, and this is no exception!

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The QC March 23, 2011

I had trouble finding espresso but finally found instant espresso at Whole Foods. I did not use the Kirsch because I was feeding kids. This cake was wonderful! I've never made Black Forest before but I will make it again!

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pat4235 April 21, 2015

I made this cake for a friends 60th birthday. There were going to be around 15-20 people, so I doubled the recipe made a two layer 9x13 cake. I used frozen black cherries and poached them like fresh. I had prepared and planned to start two days ahead, but circumstances out of my control forced me to make it that day (I was severely stressed and disappointed). Nonetheless, it came out AMAZING!! I will definitely be making this again and will definitely be more prepared!! I can't wait to taste it when it has a chance to meld!!!

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Martina A. March 19, 2015

Overall it turned out great. The filling was a tad bit too sweet. The coffee was a nice touch. <br/>I baked the cakes the night before and frosted them the next day.

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AmPu October 08, 2014

I never liked Black Forest cake, until I tried this one!! Black Forest cake is my husband's favourite, so I thought I'd make an authentic one for him for his birthday, and he was blown away by it as well. It is soooooo much better than the North American version, but definitely for adults only!<br/> I did follow other reviewers' advice, and brush the kirsch on while the cakes were still warm. They started to look a little gooey before I had put all of the kirsch on, so I saved the last little bit and added it to the filling. The cake did not turn out gooey at all, it was perfect. <br/> I also (accidentally) added about 1/2 cup espresso to the filling instead of 1/4, and had to add more icing sugar as a result, but it turned out delicious. Everyone loved the espresso flavour.<br/> My biggest piece of advice though is just to make sure that you read ALL of the directions through, before acting on them individually. I can see where the negative reviewers may have gotten mixed up and made some errors, if they followed this recipe step by step. I rewrote some of the directions myself to be more straightforward, for the next time I make this. And I will be making it again!

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Marcilyne September 28, 2014

This cake sounds terrific and I can't wait to prepare it this weekend for my sister and nephew's birthdays. In regards to the espresso in the filling, what type do you recommend? Was the espresso with water or did you add the straight powder?

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pisthoff August 14, 2014

Made this exactly as indicated. It was completely, 100% delicious! Will make again, and again, and again.<br/>Also made a no-booze version for those who did not want alcohol. I pureed some pitted cherries and used that instead of kirsch. I recommend it!

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Amethyst42 June 29, 2014
Authentic Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwald Kirsch Kuchen)