Austrian Topfenpalatschinken - Austrian Sweet Crêpes

READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by Eismeer

A very traditional and extremely delicious Austro-Hungarian dessert, that goes back quite some time. As i couldn't find it on i decided to post my version in here. I hope you'll enjoy it! If you can't get hold of curd you might as well use Ricotta, or a mixture of half Ricotta - half Cream-Cheese. Using low cal products is absolutely fine, but remember: the higher the fat content, the more flavour you usually get :). I converted the European measurements to their US equivalents, but don't hesitate to experiment and decide for yourselves, whether you like it a hint sweeter, thinner, ... etc.

Top Review by berry271

I impressed myself by making these. I've never made crepes before. I usually leave the fancy kind of cooking to my husband. He enjoys that kind of thing. They weren't as hard and turned out better than I thought. Overall I enjoyed the dish and think it would make a nice special breakfast or brunch item, not just a dessert. I do think I would like it more with a berry topping. As is, the texture, coloring and flavor of the filling and topping are too similar. Made for PAC Spring 2012. Thanks for the week of Austrian delights Eismeer.

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  1. Dough:.
  2. 1: Whisk together flour, milk, 4 whole eggs, the dash of sparkling mineral water and the pinch of salt to a relatively liquid dough. (If you like your dough sweet, add a table spoon of sugar).
  3. 2: Let the dough sit for about 15 minutes.
  4. Filling:.
  5. 1: Break 2 eggs into a bowl and add 120g of sugar, vanilla sugar and beat until fluffy.
  6. 2: Add curd or ricotta (or ricotta/cream cheese mixture), lemon cest and again mix together well.
  7. Preparation of Crêpes:.
  8. 1: Add 10g of butter to a skillet and let it melt, wait until it's sizzling hot (don't let it get brown).
  9. 2: Add about 6 tablespoons of the dough and disperse it all over the skillet's bottom.
  10. 3: Flip Palatschinken over after it has "set" (allow the "Palatschinken" to get some light colour on both sides.).
  11. 4: Butter a casserole dish and fill the crêpes with the curd filling, roll them up and put them in the casserole (side to side).
  12. Topping
  13. 5: Whisk together the remaining last egg, confectioner's sugar and crème fraîche and pour over the crêpes.
  14. Bake for 15-20 minute by 200°C.

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