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This was delicious! I topped it with fresh kiwifruit, fresh strawberries, and fresh blueberries. Made for my teammate on ZWT5: Australia/New Zealand Epicurean Queens.

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Scarlett516 May 14, 2009

If your name was Matilda I would happily go waltzing with you after tasting this recipe! For some reason, I always was a bit scared of trying to do a meringue type recipe. However, in the spirit of the tour, I decided to try something new and, to my amazement, I actually pulled it off. I got two decent personal sized pavlovas out of this recipe and used just under the 2/3 cup sugar. I might actually use just a little bit less next time simply to see how low I can go. I went full out with the toppings to make this as 'down under' as I could. I stirred some Australian honey through a bit of low fat Greek yoghurt and spooned that into the hole. Then I piled on a bunch of kiwi and mango. Finally, I toasted a couple macadamia nuts, crushed them and sprinkled them over the top. A massive treat! Made for Chow Hounds team for ZWT5.

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Sarah_Jayne May 14, 2009

This is my all-time favorite dessert! My grandmother makes it for me and I LOVE IT!! I like the fact that you included the history of it. Whenever I mention Pavlova to anyone I have to mention the ballerina too.

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yeahimtheone October 06, 2008

Wow-Oh-Wow!!! This is just excellent--and my WHOLE family agrees. I used frozen (thawed) sugared raspberries and about a cup of diced, canned peaches [it's what I had on hand]--instead of fresh fruit. The sugary syrup from the berries seeped into the meringue, and gave it a real lovely "bite." Speaking of meringue---wow! This is like eating cotton candy--melts in your mouth but crispy a little too! KEEPER! *Made for ZWT 3 May 2007 Australia Dessert*

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Debber May 30, 2007

This is something I really enjoyed. I don't know what size circles I made, but I made four. I will make them smaller next time doing the "10 four inch circles" suggested. I love the flavor of the Pavlova and the ease of making it. I will definetly be making this again soon! Made for ZWT3. Thank you much Sharon!!!

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Chef Mommie May 28, 2007

This was pretty good, it was fun to try something different :) But I Think we all agreed it was a little too sugary, and it seemed alot of work to go through for it, but it was fun to try and i thought they tasted a bit like toasted marshmallows :)

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PickleLover May 15, 2009
Australian Pavlova