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This is soooo good! It's a huge burger but oh, so tasty. I cooked the bacon in the microwave while the burgers were grilling. Then fried the eggs kind of over easy. I really liked the beets on it. I'll definitely make this again. Thanks for sharing. Made for ZWT 8.

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CJAY August 04, 2012

Made for ZWT-8 as there's only 1 place in Iceland where you can buy a good burger by US stds. I go there once a yr on the way to the highland lakes to fish w/Siggi for 4 dys - not often enough for this burger lover. You can buy good quality grd beef only at the Farmer's Market. A recent dinner guest gifted me w/a pkg of the Farmer's Market burgers & that's what I used tonite for your recipe. Burgers prob have more pers pref applied to them than any other food item. For example: Unlike other reviewers, neither of us eats beets! Ever! Even for you! I had wonderful fresh pineapple on-hand that I sliced thinly & that flavour was a happy presence. The only chg I'd make is to caramelize the onions (another pers pref). -- The burgers are gone. They were great! If I had room, I'd eat another & I doubt there's anyone alive who could eat 2 of these "monsters". Thx for sharing this yummy recipe w/us. :-)

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twissis August 09, 2012

One of the best burgers I've had! Like CJAY, I liked the addition of beets, and the pineapple on it was superb. To make it suitable for gluten free, I used gluten free buns and gluten free ketchup (some ketchups do contain gluten). As like many other gluten intolerants I'm intolerant to cow's milk, too, I substituted the cheddar with goat's gouda (tastes a bit similar to cheddar).
Thanks for posting this comfort food :)
Made for the Gluten Free Challenge of ZWT 8 / Australia / NZ for the Lively Lemon Lovelies

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Mia in Germany August 07, 2012

i tried it with the beet and pineapple and i dont get the attraction on this one i DO however like the fried egg good burger zaar world tour 8

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Dienia B. August 26, 2012
Aussie Style Burger With the Lot