Aunty Diane's Yummy Burgers

Total Time
10 mins
15 mins

I was trying to find a hamburger recipe today that would knock everyone off their feet here. So as I was browsing through the recipes on here I remembered that my aunty Diane had made the best hamburgers I ever tasted. So I called her up for the recipe. I decided to share it because it it SO delicious. Can't wait to make it tonite!

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  1. mix first 6 ingredients together.
  2. then add the eggs and cold water.
  3. get your hands in there and mix it real good.
  4. roll into balls then flatten into patties. bbq for 10-15 minutes. be sure not to press down and squeeze them while they are cooking.
  5. enjoy.
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this was a nice change of pace for the burgers i also like different sandwiches thanks for my great review dee

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very good but kinda tasted like meatloaf on burger buns. enjoyable.