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Very good copy cat! I've made this a few times trying to get the appearance and fluffy-ness right. Be very delicate when rolling into a log, I found the easiest way is to use a pizza cutter and cut a strip out of the dough-ball. Half the work is done for you already then. I find it better if you let the pretzels sit for 5-10 minutes after the baking soda bath on the cookie sheet. This lets them rise a little, and make a better shape, all while giving it an airy texture.

-This works in a bread machine on normal dough/rise setting.
-you can make stuffed pretzels easy by stuffing with slivers of string cheese!
-insulated baking sheet helps with reviews bottom burning concern
-450 Degrees works well at 8-10 minutes

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Ryan Stenger August 04, 2012

These are AMAZING!!!! I nearly gave up on ever making the perfect pretzel, but now I've done it! We also like to make "pretzel pups" (1/4 hot dog wrapped in dough) and another version with cheese sticks baked in the middle. Wonderful!

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*Sweet_Cupcake* August 14, 2010

Great taste if you like Auntie Anne's pretzels. Big hit with my family. Very easy to make. I put all the ingredients in my Kitchen Aide with a dough hook and it works perfect. Makes them even easier to make. We make them almost every Sunday night now. The kids love to shape them.

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Sherry Henry April 02, 2004

Sooo good! I used a little less flour and a little more water. Baked at 450 for 5 min and then 400 for 3 min, and they were perfect. I used a pastry brush to coat them in butter, rather than dipping. Thanks for the recipe!

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Amberley February 15, 2013

I used 2 cups of bread flour and 1 1/5 cups of all purpose flour, I followed the rest of the recipe exactly and they turned out delicious.

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Valkyrie February 27, 2011

Well, I made this back in 2008, printed it and added notes, and never reviewed it! My notes: Spoon flour into measuring cup- dont use heaping or it will be too stiff. Also, dont make the ropes too thick or the middle will not set. Also, I baked at 500. Thank you for posting this recipe!

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Munchkin Mama February 19, 2012

I used only all-purpose flour with great results. Although the flour seemed like too much, after proofing, it was fine. I also cut the dough with my doughnut cutter. The holes were baked separately as "pretzel bites" for 4 min. I took the "doughnuts, stretched the circle larger and twisted into the shape of "8" before dipping in the solution. So easy! Also, I put left-overs into a freezer bag and froze until needed. Reheat in a 350 degree oven for about 9 minutes. I think they taste better and have more of the mall texture than when fresh. I'm planning to put into a crockpot lined with foil and topped with a towel (instead of a lid to prevent condensation) to serve at a Superbowl Party.

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LovesCookingHatesDishwashing January 24, 2012

SEE BELOW FOR *STUFFED PRETZELS : )* -Made this 3 times-I halved the recipe each time, which make 8-10 pretzels, depending. I used a little less of each flour, and kneaded/combined the dough about 2 minutes. If someone is having trouble rolling out the dough into ropes, it works well to put the dough on a floured counter, hand-shape into a retangle 3-4 times longer than wide, and cut the dough into sections (half the recipe will get 8-10 small rectangles). Then it's easy to hand roll them out into uniform ropes 12"-15" long for a traditional twist-pretzel. (-keep the dough on the floured counter-don't pick it up, and just roll it out w/the palms of your hands.)
The last time I made it, I made less pretzels (using almost twice the amount of dough per pretzel) and made pepperoni/cheese stuffed pretzels. I took my larger dough-piece and using a rolling pin, rolled out the piece into a flat rectangle about 12"-15"long and maybe 2" wide. I put cheddar, provolone, and mozzarella shredded cheese and diced/sliced pepperoni down the center and then carefully folded/rolled the dough over the filling and made it into a "stuffed rope" (careful to seal seam/ends...don't overstuff). I gently "squished" the rope from one end to the other to make sure there were no air pockets. I then form a pretzel (just layed one end over the other, didn't "twist" the center because of the stuffing). Baked like the recipe said...came out GREAT. You can be creative and stuff them with whatever...really good.
...when I make these, my oven smokes when I take tehm out (because of the grease on the pan where there are no pretzels-does it even when lightly greased)...gonna try parchment paper next time.

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proctorfarm July 25, 2011

These were delicious!! I loved the taste and texture of these.
Thank-you for a wonderful recipe :)

I did find that 4 cups of flour was a bit much... but I just added a bit more water.
I agree with the other review that the temp. was a bit high. Mine were cooked perfectly on the top and middle but just a tad burned on the bottom... next time I will turn the temp. down a bit. But, that could just be my oven.....

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DaniellaBella May 03, 2011

These were AMAZING!!! Although I do think the oven temperature is a little high. My first batch came out raw in the middle. But I just turned it down to 425, put them back in and baked them some more. The second batch at 425 were AWESOME. Never going to buy a chemical-filled mall pretzel again!

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Amy Martin KV August 01, 2010
Auntie's Delicious Soft Pretzels, Amish Recipe