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A great recipe, and two additional "copycat" tips:

Auntie Anne salts her pretzels before baking them so the salt adheres better to the surface

She does not let them rise again before putting them in the oven

You can spray a plain one with non fat baking spray to make a no fat cinnamon sugar to avoid all the butter.

Having the baking soda water mix as warm as you can comfortably tolerate leads to more brown less spotty coloration.


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thatchman1 January 15, 2011

This recipe was really good. I did add one more tablespoon of brown sugar and 2 tablespoons of melted sweet cream butter to the dough. I mixed the sugar, water and yeast together (to dissolve the brown sugar) then added the remaining ingredients to the mixer and let it knead for 8 minutes. If you let the dough rise for 2-3 hours, you will get a great texture. If the dough ropes spring back too much, let them sit about 10 minutes as dough needs to rest. I'm a pastry chef, and I did like the results. This also doubles easily, and as fast as they go, you will want to double the batch! ***Also, to get the great chewy texture, boil the water, add the baking soda and dip the pretzels in for about a minute before baking!!!

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Chef Serina January 30, 2007

This is a fantastic copy cat recipe. There are two tricks to getting the flavor and texture exact: first, for the baking soda and water bath, boil the water and baking soda, and dip the raw pretzels in this with two spatulas, immersing for five seconds, then put them on the baking sheet. This eliminates the spotting you get with a tepid bath that contains undissolved baking soda. Second, you have to sweeten the melted butter before you use it to coat the cooked pretzels. I used a healthy pinch (maybe 1/8 tsp) of brown sugar into the hot melted butter and stirred well before coating the pretzels.

It's true, you don't need to let the pretzels rise before you bake them. And of course, just like at the mall, they are best right out of the oven versus reheated.

Great recipe!

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LoveToCopyCat January 15, 2012

Definitely exactly like Auntie Anne's. You can smell the mall shop when you dump out your baking soda water. We dumped em into a metal colander in our boiling pan for 10 seconds or 1 minute, whatever, and got variations on the theme. All were fabulous. :) We painted butter on before and after baking-- Auntie Anne's are super buttery tasting! Also, we froze some after painting with butter before baking, and layered them on plastic wrap and put them in a ziploc bag. Later we just thawed them, painted them with more butter, and baked as normal. They were even better after being frozen. Oh yeah, and we didn't do the second rise that the recipe calls for. Enjoy! Fun to make with kids. :)

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Leah R. October 06, 2013

I used the ingredients as listed, and made the dough in my bread machine. After shaping into a pretzel I placed them in boiling baking soda/water until they floated. I baked at 450 but 7 minutes is all it took in my oven. Watch them carefully because they will burn quickly! Great recipe, although they're similar to Aunt Anne's they're not quite as good. Will make again!

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PuglyDuckling January 27, 2004

I tend to read all the reviews before making a recipe and this recipe was no exception. I skipped the second "rising" step. I boiled the baking soda/water solution and kept it as hot as possible while dipping the pretzels. Otherwise I followed the recipe just as it was. They were very easy to make and with the exception of my first misshapen pretzel, the rest turned out really well, IMHO! I think it made about 14 pretzels and we only had two left-over from the four of us who were "snacking" on them. They were really delicious. I will say that after letting them cool and putting them into a container to snack on another day they were not nearly as good. This recipe is great but they did get more chewy and blah after a couple days in an airtight container. But, the pretzels are so good there's no reason you have to have leftovers at all!

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Cathy V. July 22, 2014

Awesome! I made pretzel sticks with this recipe, as a snack for my son's preschool class. Huge hit! Soft, chewy, flavorful, with that perfect pretzel taste and crust. The recipe isn't very clear, never says where to add the brown sugar, etc., but most of us can figure it out. I also boil mine longer than called for, about 1 minute each, and cut the baking soda/water solution in half. I'll definitely make these again!

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WillsMommy October 02, 2010

These turned out amazing! My husband enjoyed these very much!! I did use whole wheat flour & vegan butter spread and they still turned out great. I didn't tell him that it was an Auntie Anne's copycat recipe & that was the first thing out of his mouth - they tasted exactly like them! When I was little we went to the same church as Auntie Annie - always knew those pretzels would make it big time :D Thanks!

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Mindelicious August 12, 2010

Super EASY and tastes just like Aunt Anne's... We were spending major BUCKAGE at Aunt Anne's, my kiddo loves the things... Thanks for this great mimmic... I'm not a 'baker' or even close... I can't believe how easy it was!!! We did an egg-yolk, egg wash (thanks "Uncle Alton Brown") at the end for a nice brown finish. Really good eats!

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Jitterbug Mama January 25, 2009

My hubby and I love the pretzels we get at our mall and I was so happy to find this recipe! It was very easy to throw together, but I did have to add more water than the recipe called for. I ended up using about 2 1/2 cups instead of 1 1/2. It was more difficult than I thought get them rolled out and I ended up with some fat pretzels, but that was my fault, not the recipes! Next time I will be sure to give myself more space to roll them into a rope! Thanks for a great recipe, JustaQT!

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~cbw~ January 17, 2004
Auntie Anne's Pretzels - Copycat