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I'm a HUGE fan of Auntie Annie's and I highly recommend this recipe. It's great! I made two variations-- for three of them, I rolled raisins into the dough before turning them into pretzels, (these are the ones I covered in cinnamon-sugar) and for three more, I took the copycat concept one step farther and put grated cheese and pepperoni on-- pizza pretzels just like at the mall! Make sure to only cook for 8 minutes because they do brown quickly and will burn if you don't keep an eye on them. A timer will help if you are like me and start multitasking. Also, the baking soda wash is well over the amount you might need- I used one cup of water and a little over 1/4th cup of baking soda, and poured it into a 9-inch cake round. You do have to dip and flip, but it saves you a lot of baking soda.

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MB2013 April 03, 2011

This recipe is DELICIOUS, and tastes BETTER than the mall pretzels (which can be overly greasy) when they are fresh. I halve the amounts for the baking soda bath, as it seems like a waste to me, and there is always plenty. I have also made these into mini buns to use for sandwiches. Just roll into little 2 1/2" balls and bake as directed. I think I get about 20 out of one batch of dough. I use them for roast beef sandwiches with a smokey mustard sauce and carmelized onions.

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kadiprimo August 04, 2012

This recipe was delicious, and close enough to the real thing for me. Instead of 8 pretzels, I made around 40 sticks for easier snacking. Half salted, half cinnamon sugar. Since mine were smaller than directed, I backed the oven temp to 400°, and mine were done in about 8 minutes.

One caution, I left my first few in the baking soda bath for too long while spraying my pans, and they got very soft and soggy. I baked them anyway, and you'd never know the difference. Turned out just fine!

So super good!

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missimessi July 20, 2011

OH MY these are so good. I cut the recipe in half to make 4 pretzels and sprinkled them with salt YUM Definite keeper. I could not understand how to make the pretzel shape so googled it and found a video by a worker from Auntie Anne's they did it the way stated in the recipe and showed an easier way. I choose the easy way LOL Made for PAC Fall 2009

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wicked cook 46 September 29, 2009

This recipe uses powdered sugar rather than the others that use brown sugar. I have made this one before, and they do taste just like the real thing.

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Britican August 17, 2008

The BEST --had to sign up just to tell you this was perfect and easy.

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rdsproductions March 17, 2013

My wife and I were hungry for Auntie Anne's but there isn't one closer than an hour drive away, so we researched recipes for pretzel dough and decided to try this one first. Easy to make and they turned out excellent and even my mother-in-law loved them! This recipe gives a great taste minus the grease! We plan to try a few others just to compare, but this one is a keeper.

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trlentjr March 05, 2011

Just made these tonight for my family I have posted 4 photos I made 4 cinnamon and sugar and 4 salt they were both excellent. I have never had Auntie Anne's but there is NO WAY they are better. Making them is a little time consuming about 2 hours from start to finish but considering the cost at the mall well worth the time. The kids thought they were too big I'm very happy with them and highly recommend you try it yourself. Thanks for the recipe Art C. sincerely Alan

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caveman926 February 04, 2011

YUM YUM YUM! These were sooooo fluffy and tasty. I have made a few other pretzel recipes that taste more like white bread than an actual pretzel. These aren't nearly as greasy as the Auntie Annes you get in the mall, but are bursting with wonderful yeast flavor. Will definitely make again The only adjustment I made was I halved the amount of water/baking soda mix because I was low on the baking soda and it still made WAY more than needed.

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Meghan October 24, 2010
Auntie Anne's Pretzels Copycat