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My husband is allergic to eggs so I was very excited to find this recipe. He loves these cookies, we all love them. I made a batch for my daughter to take to school for a class party and they were a BIG hit!!! The teachers were asking for a copy of the recipe and if they could have the left over cookies to take home. I have also substituted almond flavoring for the vanilla as well as lemon.

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tctaj_7056047 April 22, 2011

OMGosh! These are TDF...my son who is allergic to eggs will be so super happy this Easter! I made a half batch as a trial as I'm picky about my sugar cookies, but wanted him to have some as well. These are so good this is my new sugar cookie recipe of choice, thanks so much for posting. Truly melt-in-your-mouth good!

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Baking Bunny April 14, 2011

I first made these for my grandson who was allergic to eggs. I honestly didn't know if they would turn out after reading the recipe but they are now our favorite cookie. In fact, my husband just requested a batch :) They are a lovely tea or coffee cookie. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. It's the best!!!!

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yedenmatka January 16, 2011

These were awesome! Thanks to Trixyinaz, I did the trick of rolling on parchment then cutting out. I did half a recipe and got 24 cookies, with some dough left over... probably would have gotten about 30 cookies. I also found that 9 minutes was enough for my oven. They do remind me of a shortbread cookie more than a sugar cookie.. but very good all the same! thanks for sharing this recipe!

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GertieGirl December 24, 2010

Thank you so much for this eggless recipe! Are sugar cookies supposed to taste like shortbread cookies? Regardless, these were awesome! Perfect for my DD who is allergic to eggs and easy enough for me to do when I am in a pinch and need to bring cookies to her preschool for Kitchen Week so she can participate and have something to eat with the rest of the kids. ETA: DD's teachers loved these cookies and have asked for the recipe. They used these cookies as part of kitchen week and had the kids decorate them with frosting and sprinkles. My DD keeps asking for more. I rolled the dough out on parchment paper (the stuff you can bake directly on), cut out my shapes and peeled away the unshaped dough leaving the shapes on the parchment paper. If you try to pick up the shapes and put them directly on the pan, they fall apart when you lift them up. Cutting them out directly on the baking paper was the only way I was able to keep my dough in tact. Then I slid my baking pan under the paper and baked for 10 minutes. Thanks for a keeper!!!!

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Trixyinaz October 16, 2007

I hope you see this to the original poster. My name is Zana, imagine my surprise when I saw the name of this recipe!!

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Zana M. June 07, 2015

Well, I love this recipe! These DO taste like butter cookies, but then again I accidentally used a tablespoon of Butter extract instead of Vanilla! I also ran out of flour and my last full cup had to be supplemented with bread flour. After they baked, I tasted one and the first thought that came to my mind was the butter cookies in those little blue tins...which I love!! I can't comment on how they taste with vanilla (but I'll do them again this weekend and see). My daughter is allergic to eggs so we went on the hunt like everyone else. The dough is pretty runny and not the best for rolling out cookies. However, I chilled the dough a bit and worked with it in batches. I would make a good size ball in my hand, press it out with the palm of my hand on wax paper. Then I peeled the wax paper off and flipped it over (so I would have the flat side). I used a cookie cutter and then picked the whole thing up in my hand, turning the cookie cutter over and getting the excess dough off around it....then flipped the cookie cutter over onto my silpat lined cookie sheet. (Clear as mud?). I then refrigerated the cookie dough before baking for about 10-12 minutes. The dough still ran a little bit but I am happy....the extra effort is worth it for my daughter. I'm posting pictures....I did half of the batch in starfish cutouts (for an underwater themed birthday) and half the batch in small letters. Thank you!!!

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Michelle Figueroa December 11, 2013

This recipe stinks! I would love to give it zero stars. It was too crumbly to hand roll into balls and INCREDIBLY greasy! We tried adding some milk to combat the crumbliness, but to no avail. My mom searched for eggless CUT-OUTS and this recipe came up. There is no way you can roll out these cookies. And if you do manage to roll the dough the cookies break when you try to transfer them to a cookie sheet. My son is allergic to eggs and we were really hoping this would be a good one, but NO WAY! What a waste of time, ingredients and money!

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Mccaphrey December 24, 2012

Good recipe for hand formed/shaped cookies but not for cut outs. Hard to roll out and cookies lost their shape when baked. A bit on the sweet side. I know they're sugar cookies, but still.

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soylaliv April 14, 2012

I wanted to make sugar cookies for v-day and when I took the recipe i had to the kitchen i discovered i didn't have any eggs! After looking around a bit i found this recipe and to be honest i was a bit skeptic. They turned out great tho. They just finished cooling and they are crisp and flavorful. Great recipe. Thanks!

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*all4him* February 12, 2008
Aunt Zana's Amish Sugar Cookies (Eggless)