Aunt Margie's Cole Slaw

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15 mins
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Growing up, I had never eaten or even heard of a creamy cole slaw dressing...this was the only one my Mom ever this day I love it. A nice change from the mayo based recipes not to mention this one works better for cook outs or picnics where you don't want milk or mayo based salads. If you want it sugar free - just use sugar subsitute

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  1. Finely shred cabbage.
  2. Mix dressing ingredients well and pour over finely shredded cabbage.
  3. Allow to sit for several hours in the fridge before serving.
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Tangy, sweet, used 1/2 total for sugar (1/4 c splenda 1/4 c sugar), apple cider vinegar, added pepper. Great, mixed this am to take to picnic, used two small heads cabbage from farmers market. I tasted it for lunch, had to remind myself it was for picnic tonight so couldn't eat more. Thanks. I will probably cut sugar back a little more next time, love that tang of the vinegar.

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Good flavor if you use a good vinegar, but WAY too sweet! I wish I had cut the sugar in half.

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My boys don't like mayo, so I had to find an alternative to "traditional" cole slaw. This was perfect and delicious! Thank you!