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I made this last year and we ran out quickly. Now that the tomatos are on, my DH requested this one specifically. It was great and my only regret is that I didn't can more of it last year. I won't make that mistake again :) ... My 30 medium tomatos worked out to be about 24 cups of quartered tomatoes. This year I'll be running this through my vitamix to smooth everything out easily. Thanks for this recipe!

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Shelby258 August 30, 2009

I just finished canning the juice and I was hoping to have a little left over to taste it cold, but all the Bloody Mary juice went into the jars.I did make this last year but did not do a review until I tasted it.If your looking for some very very good Bloody Mary Juice give this a try. I made mine a little hotter than what the recipe calls for, but thats the way I like it.As you can see by the pictures, I canned 9 quarts and 2 half gallon! I hope this makes it until next years tomato crop, but I doubt it! This was made by request from a friend that has some from last years canning and I got tired of him asking when are you doing the Bloody Mary Juice!
I have a Kitchen Aid attachment that bypasses most of the steps and you can process 5 times as much in half the time by using the fruit and juice strainer!

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Timothy H. October 04, 2011

Great Recipe, made about 4.5 quarts for my 30 tomatoes. Only thing was we added more lemon juice (1/2 cup) since tomatoes are a low acidic food to preserve. (Recommended 2 tbsp per quart). We also added a little more garlic and spice. Thanks!

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TessaMarie45 August 29, 2011

Perfect! When I canned it in August I thought it was good. Fast forward to October and I just tasted it again. YUM! What a difference time makes. Giving those flavors time to meld gives it a whole new depth of flavor. This year I just made it as a bi-product of canning tomatoes and didn't want to waste the juice. Next year I will specifically buy tomatoes to make this!!! This is a keeper!!! Thanks so much for sharing your family recipe.

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barnes.kathryn October 04, 2015

Wonderful and worth the effort. I had all of these ingredients from end of the garden and needed something else to make. (had already canned the sauces, etc) This will not be a "Now what am I going to make?" But more like, "Don't forget to make!" recipe. And healthy to boot!

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Clinard September 20, 2012
Aunt Ione's Bloody Mary Mix (Canning)