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Great and unusual flavor-I am not a huge cheese ball fan, but this had such good ratings. Don't add or omit anything-the flavors are perfect.

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Blondemensan February 07, 2010

Top class cheeseball: ideal for Christmas parties! SO flavoursome and SO addictive. The blend of flavours was superb and having chopped pecans in the cheeseball as well as coating it: a brilliant touch! Several times I heard comments such as "I've just have to have some more of this cheeseball!" Predictably, it didn't last long! And yes, a couple of people were anxious not to leave without the recipe. The only changes I made were to use finely chopped roasted red pepper in place of the green pepper (always so superbly flavoursome) and to add 3 cloves of minced garlic and some chopped fresh basil. When you make this, make sure that you not only drain the ingredients thoroughly but that you press all the moisture out of them. I find that putting ingredients such as the pineapple, onions (and garlic) in a small colander and pressing down on them several times till there is no more liquid to be released does the trick. Wonderful recipe, MsSally, which I'll be making for several times over the next few weeks: thank you for sharing it! And I'm going to experiment some more with possible variations. I'm thinking I'll make one with a couple of tablespoons of well-drained canned salmon and dill. Made for Every "DAY" Is A Holiday.

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bluemoon downunder December 06, 2008

Simple and delicious! I loved the idea of adding pineapple. I had to omit the onion in it (served it at my holiday party, which had two people allergic to onions in attendance), so I doubled the green pepper to ensure that the crunch was there. I had some leftovers, which I happily added (and loved) the onion in! In telling my mother about it, it turns out that my mom got a very similar recipe from her aunt awhile back, so it sounds like I will need to pass it to my nieces and nephews! Fortunately, it is a keeper and that will be easy to do! Thanks for sharing.

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Starrynews December 13, 2008

This recipe has been around for a long time in a slightly less-expanded version. I used to make it often & it was fun to revisit it. I made a half recipe for 2 of us of this easy, quick-fix & delicious recipe. I esp like this version for its add of the minced green pepper as it contributes so much flavour & texture. Congrats on your *Football Pool* win & thx for helping me revisit an old fave w/a new twist. :-)

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twissis September 30, 2008

I've sampled cheese balls at various parties, but this was my first attempt at making a cheese ball. It's a bit softer than some of the cheese balls I've tried, but still firm enough to hold its shape (which chilling it for several hours is the key). The flavor is a wonderful combination of sweet and cheesy flavors that make this the best cheese ball I've ever tried. I will definitely make this again, and will keep this on hand for our annual family Christmas party and other gatherings.

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NorthwestGal September 29, 2008

Excellent Cheeseball! I made this a day in advance and rolled it in the Pecans on the day I served it. I grated the onion and squeezed all of the juice out of them and I drained the pineapple very, very well. The texture was perfect! Made for Newest Zaar Tag - Thanks Ms Sally... I'll be making this again!

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12345678980123455677889 January 07, 2008

A unique twist on your regular cheese ball! I took this to a party last night and it was all gone. People raved about it and wanted the recipe. The pineapple is such a nice and tasty addition. I will definitely make again.

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Lainey6605 January 01, 2008

I loved this. It was easy as pie to make, and everyone gobbled it up! The pineapple really makes this a unique spread. Thanks!

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getoutofmygalley December 28, 2007
Aunt Annie's Cheese Ball