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I picked this recipe as one of "My Three Chefs" for the June 2012 game. This peach butter is really good and very easy to make. Just don't put boiling hot peaches in a plastic blender and then push the lid on tight. I cracked my blender, I guess from the heat and the pressue that built up. But I got my peaches blended smooth despite the crack. The cinnamon and hint of cloves give a wonderful aroma and flavor.

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mengman November 12, 2012

Just what I was hoping for. I blew it and blanched the peaches to skin them and then realized I needed to leave the skin on, so I just put the blanched peaches, skin and all in the FP and followed the recipe from there. It worked great. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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Lucky in Bayview September 18, 2014
Audrey's Golden Peach Butter