Astonishingly Easy "yeasty" Bisquick Pizza Dough

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 20 mins

This amazed me when I first came up with it. The yeast is basically a flavoring agent, the dough works pretty well without it but it does add a tiny bit of springy-ness. Measurements are (very) approximate, just follow the directions...


  1. Mix biscuit mix and yeast. Add warm water until it reaches about the consistency of cake batter.
  2. Add wheat flour until a firm dough is formed. Pat or roll out into desired crust shape, using olive oil as desired to prevent sticking.
  3. Top as desired and bake at around 400 degrees until done, time of course will depend on how thick you make it but 20 minutes is a good estimate.


Most Helpful

The taste was awful.

Lisa B. January 19, 2017

I used about half and half wheat and white flour and added a little oil to the mix along with some seasonings. Not as good as pizza dough that you let rise, but if you're in a hurry this is good.

dhygn1 February 04, 2011

Loved how easy and fast it was to make. Thought the taste was so-so. Might have been better if I had used white (or white wheat) instead of the straight wheat. But I loved how easy it was to get dinner on the table!

ladypit July 02, 2010

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