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Amazing flavors! I used skinless thighs which were first pounded to 1/2" thickness. Made a paste of olive oil and the spices, browned the chicken and placed in the center of a greased baking dish. Browned diced potatoes (Yukon Golds which were perfect for this recipe) and placed around the edges of the pan, scraping up the browned bits from the chicken. Browned the onions and garlic in the same manner and placed on top of the potatoes. Covered and baked. Cooked a pot of white basmati rice with the turmeric and serve along side of the chicken. Fresh herbs garnish would have been appropriate for this dish and to break up all that yellow-orange color: fresh cilantro or parsley and if only I had some on hand. Plain yogurt served on the side. Meal was accompanied by Jarjeer (Arugula) Salad minus the sumac because I wanted a salad that wouldn't compete with the spices in the chicken. Fabulous meal all around! Will make again and be sure to have fresh herbs on hand to garnish. Reviewed for NA*ME tag/November. PS the ingredients' list read to boil the potatoes but I skipped that and also a small amount of Spanish smoked paprika subbed for standard.

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COOKGIRl November 17, 2011

This full flavored recipe made last night's dinner and it was delicious. I used my tagine and it looked as great on the table as it tasted on the plate. Simply loved the spices, each and every one! Used chicken breasts and my favorite potato, Yukon Golds. Thanks so much Dee for another marvelous recipe :D

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Annacia November 16, 2012

I found this recipe when all I had in the kitchen was chicken, rice and potatoes (plus a spice rack). This was incredibly tasty and a great blend of spices. Only thing was I found the directions a little confusing sometimes.
I'd like to try this in a slow cooker some time.

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Jacqui_B October 15, 2012
Assyrian Chicken and Potatoes With Yellow Rice