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*reviewed during ZWT5 for CHow Hounds France visit* I cheated witht he asparagus and steamed it in the micorwave- Microwaved asparagus on high for 3 minutes with about 2 tablespoons of water. Topped with the vinaigrette. I used cold compressed walnut oil in the vinaigrette in place of the peanut oil. You couldn't get a quicker side than this!! Sorry I didn't get a pic as I had flat camera batteries. Thanks for a very tasty recipe :)

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**Jubes** June 04, 2009

I made this twice. Once as the recipe stated and the second time, grilling the asparagus. I much perferred the grilled method as the carmelization of grilled asparagus better compliments the dressing. Made for ZWT5.

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gailanng May 26, 2009

Having never prepared asparagus in this manner before (I usually either grill or roast it in the oven), a little cooking time guidance in the skillet would have been helpful. As it was, I cooked it way too long and it was pretty soft by the time I ate it. Next time, I will check it after 7-10 minutes. That being said, luckily we love asparagus (no matter the consistency I suppose) and I thought that this was a very easy way to prepare it (I like the idea of cooking it on the stovetop) and I thought the vinaigrette was fantastic! It was really flavorful and really easy to make. I used red wine vinegar and shallots, and substituted olive oil for the peanut oil. I also omitted the parsley as I thought the dish would work better without it. I will definitely make this recipe again. In fact, I used the leftover vinaigrette to dress up a fish dish that I was serving as the main dish. Thanks for posting. Made for ZWT5.

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Dr. Jenny May 26, 2009
Asparagus With Vinaigrette