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This was delicious! I did make a couple changes -- I roasted the asparagus in my toaster oven (personal preference -- I think steaming makes it too "moist") and since is was so hot outside I decided that a cold yogurt sauce would be very refreshing, so I just stirred the ingredients together and let it sit awhile for the saffron to infuse with the yogurt. The result was just fabulous! I had a little sauce left over after the asparagus was gone, so I smeared it on my marinated tofu -- very tasty indeed. Thanks so much for sharing, Sue!

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Spice Princess June 30, 2011

Funny that my first dish using saffron was some years ago from the same chef. A huge success and the lentil soup remains one of my favorites, so when I saw this recipe I jumped at the opportunity to see whether I would once again strike gold (or is that saffron). Rather hot her so I served this as a starter salad at room temperature. The combination of mint, saffron and garlic was really unusual and and one to my liking. So much so, I have since used the remaining dressing/sauce with equally good results and think it would be an ideal way to dress a simple salad of torn romaine lettuce. My one comment and suggestion is that I found the garlic to be a little heavy tending to complete with rather than complement the more delicate saffron and mint. Even as a garlic lover I think I would reduce this to two cloves next time. Thanks Sue!

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justcallmetoni June 14, 2008

I love the world tour event if for no other reason than that it encourages me to use ingredients I'd normally ignore! So it is with saffron & Greek yogurt (& mint, for that matter)! Your sauce makes for a very nice, tasty side dish! Thanks for sharing! [Made & reviewed while in Greece with Zaar World Tour 4]

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Sydney Mike June 12, 2008
Asparagus With Saffron Mint Sauce