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I made this for the DM and friend who was keeping her company while the DH and I went to the movies and dinner. They thoroughly enjoyed and the DM's friend couldn't believe there were only 2 eggs in the quiche and this is the first time I have made a quiche without cheese (seemed almost sacrilegious). I did use a commercial pre-rolled short pastry sheet which out of sheer habit I precooked weighed down with baking beads for 7 minutes at 200C, removed beads and cooked for a further 4 minutes at 175C. Put the lightly boiled asparagus (which was still crispy but not raw) into the pie plate and poured the creamed/egg mix over, having used fresh garlic chives from the garden with some freshly ground pepper. Baked at 175C for 35 minutes and it was perfect. DM's friend gave the slices a reheat and served with the garden salad and coleslaw on the side that I had made. Thank you sugarpea for a very nice quiche recipe. made for Bargain Basement tag game.

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I'mPat May 16, 2009
Asparagus Quiche