Asparagus-Mushroom-Leek Sauté

Total Time
10 mins
10 mins

We have made this in the past with green beans but my daughter doesn't like "squeeky foods" so we substitued asparagus. The flavor combinations make a great side dish and a nice alternative way to cook asparagus.

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  1. Sauté bacon. Set aside.
  2. Reserve 1 tablespoon bacon fat.
  3. Add olive oil (optional).
  4. Clean, stem and slice mushrooms.
  5. Clean leeks, slice into small slices, separating the rings. Discard the dark green end.
  6. Sauté mushrooms and leeks in bacon fat/olive oil until mushrooms are slightly done. Don't overcook.
  7. Cut asparagus into bite size pieces, discarding the tough ends.
  8. Blanch asparagus in hot boiling water until slightly crunchy. Don’t overcook.
  9. Combine asparagus, bacon, mushrooms and leeks in fry pan.
  10. Add salt/pepper. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Serve warm. Enjoy.