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My husband and I enjoyed this attractive dish this evening - He especially enjoyed the tomatoes and put the cheese sauce on everything - I served it on the side. (I grilled salmon & served mushroom rice as a side - pared well with this recipe). The Cheese Sauce: The flavor is delicate and allows the vegetable flavors to come through. I used a medium cheddar (all I had on hand), didn't need to add the cream, left the onion in & did add the dijon. I was skeptical of using a clove but the flavor is subtle and it adds pleasurably to the sauce. The Veggies: SIZE COUNTS!! I suggest that you try to match the sizing of the vegetables so that they all cook at basically the same rate. The asparagus I had was thin and the mushrooms I purchased were large so I cooked the asparagus for a short period, removed it & allowed the mushroom caps to cook for an extended time. At the end of the cooking time when the vegetables are all together, I decided to broil them a bit, just enough to toast the skins lightly. As well, I couldn't possibly toss out that onion so I added it to the veggies before the last cooking time. I WILL make this again. An easy recipe to prepare, I found the cooking time rather long. Next time I'll grill my vegetables & will also add sweet peppers to the mix - and more onion! Thanks for the treat Summerwine!

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sharflan June 07, 2007
Asparagus, Mushroom and Tomato Bake With Seasoned Cheese Sauce