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Gorgeous spring lasagna! I used fresh lasagna sheets to speed it up a little (not that it's that much trouble to begin with) and that worked beautifully. I served it with a salad of rucola, cherry tomatoes and avocado topped with sesame vinaigrette. I took a moment to get a word out of my husband; He loved it so much that he was totally absorbed in his meal!!

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kotitonttu May 04, 2013

Made this last night and it turned out really nice - a bit too rich on its own though - needed something a bit sharp with it, perhaps a salad with homemade vinegarette dressing. The lemon flavour came though really well.

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Bridget C May 14, 2007

This even got 5 stars from my husband who has never given anything over a 4 star rating, so it's gotta be good! I halved the recipe, but accidentally added the regular amount of lemon juice, rind, salt, pepper, and nutmeg. The only thing that was a little too much was the nutmeg, but that was my own fault. I absolutely loved the lemon in the sauce. Next time I will probably add a bit more mozzarella (cheese lover that I am), and will cook half of the asparagus even less than called for since the pieces that were in the bottom two layers ended up a little overcooked and had the taste and consistency of canned asparagus. I thought there would be too much asparagus when I first looked at the recipe, but there was just enough for us. This is a great way to use up that bumper crop of asparagus and we'll definitely be making it again. Thanks!

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CountryMama May 22, 2006

Fantastic! The hint of lemon and creamy sauce really makes this. Used the conversion function to halve the quantities to 4 servings (1 bunch of asparagus) so it would fit an oval corningware dish. Made the white sauce in the microwave and used fresh (purchased) lasagna noodles, which shortened prep time. The family was hesitant at first look, then very complimentary. Would make a great vegetarian dish for a party. Definitely a keeper.

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fluffystew May 16, 2005
Asparagus Lasagna