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3 Stars, please see my rating system. This was indeed a flan, a custard with eggs and milk, but no cheese, and no crust. Because there is no crust and no cheese, this is much lower in sodium than a quiche. The eggs, milk and heavy cream formed a consistent flan custard, and to us it was too bland, but I could imagine that kids might be more likely to eat some veggies if they got them this way. For my preference, I would halve the amount of flan and double the amount of asparagus next time, or make it more quiche-like by adding 1 cup of cheese and reducing the milk by 1 cup. However, when my elderly Mom was no longer able to digest regular meat, this would have been an excellent way to incorporate protein and vegetables in a gentle taste combination. Because asparagus was listed first in the recipe title, I expected much more asparagus presence. DH and I eat 6-8 spears of asparagus apiece, although a serving of asparagus is 3 spears. So, if you're a veggie lover, I recommend changing the proportion of flan to asparagus. The amount of bacon was just right, and added great flavor. Used 9-1/2" deep-dish pie plate, which was very full when I put it in the oven. Made for Photo Tag.

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KateL August 31, 2008
Asparagus Flan (From Fwdgf)