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3 Stars, I would make changes to this the next time. I really like all the ingredients, but the potato-asparagus soup had a wimpy taste, and wasn't as mellow as I would like to contrast with the spicy sauce. The red sauce was quite spicy, a good contrast, but I would have to develop an alternative sauce for my guests to have a choice. I used Emeril's vegetable stock, but I think a really intense vegetable stock is needed. How about carmelizing the onion with garlic before cooking the potatoes? Cream and dry sherry could enhance the soup. I cooked in a 5-quart skillet, but the immersion blender created a mess, so I need to remember to use a taller and narrower container next time. For this soup, I would cook 6 additional asparagus and reserve 1 1/2" of the tip of the asparagus on 12 stalks for garnish on top of the sauce. I would put the potato-asparagus soup in the blender to make completely smooth, and add the crunchy texture with the reserved asparagus tips. (I would rinse out the blender before making the spicy sauce; it is important that the colors remain distinct.) I am not an authority on vegetable soups, but I would try at least 2 of the possible changes next time I tried this. I will watch out for suggestions by other cooks. Made for Sept 2008 Veg*n Swap.

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KateL September 23, 2008

Three of four people really LOVED this soup. The fourth diner was wrong. I used my own roasted veg. stock and only changed the garnish--I used peeled diced tomatoes and pureed avocado and one little hot pepper ground up.

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Chef Kate June 12, 2006
Asparagus and Yukon Gold Potato Soup With Roasted Tomatoes (Spar