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We thought these burgers were just terrific! Always looking for a way to pump up the healther-but-often-bland turkey burger and this recipe definitely fit the bill Left out the water chestnuts, otherwise made as directed. Couldn't quite bring myself to serve them with just lettuce so spread the bun with some spicy mustard and we really enjoyed these - thanks for sharing the recipe!

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loof September 27, 2012

These were interesting, but not ouststanding imho. My package of ground turkey was 1.25lbs, so I got 5 burgers. I used the exact ingred amts listed for 1lb though. I used 1/4 cup Eggbeaters for the egg. I misread the recipe and didn't even notice the Frank's Red Hot sauce until I was about to prepare the burgers. So I subbed Tabasco sauce (not sure how closely Tabasco resembles Frank's). I used a homemade teriyaki sauce (Teriyaki Chicken), which seemed to work well. These were sooo moist that they fell apart. I liked the crunchiness and texture of the French-Fried Onions and water chestnuts and the lettuce was a nice complement to the flavors. All the flavors were definitely there, although the Tabasco was in the background. I used ground ginger, instead of fresh. I cooked these on a griddle at 350 degrees F 5 mins on one side, 7 mins or so on the other. Bf thought these were okay, but he also had 2 burgers, hehe. Made for Please Review My Recipe tag game. Thanks for sharing!

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blancpage July 23, 2008

Tastey burgers, I think the next time I would omit the waterchestnuts as all they really ad is a little crunch - I think I would choose to use red bell pepper diced to accomplish the same crunch - I used homemade bread crumbs and found the texture to be great - thanks for the post!!! will be made again

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Ravenseyes July 12, 2008

I dont' want to rate this one because I think the ground turkey I used may have contibuted to us not caring for it. The taste was pretty good, but the texture wasn't good at all. I think my ground turley was *too* ground. The patties fell apart on the grill even tho I froze them first to help them stay together. Just not our cup of tea I'm sorry to say. Made for ZWT 4

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Ma Field June 02, 2008
Asian Turkey Burgers