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Decided to make this when I was trying to find something different for breakfast and DH loves BOTH of these flavors. I LOVE the method for making the crispy onions and will be using that a lot. This went together easy, and the flavors were a nice blend. I love Siracha so knew I'd use that - even added about 1 teaspoon to the Begedil mix. Did the eggs over medium, topped with sourcream and additional Siracha. It looked really great and the flavors blended well. When I first started it was not sure but it continued to grow on me as I ate it, both DH and I enjoyed the flavor blend for something different from our regular breakfast fare

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Bonnie G #2 December 21, 2013

This was a weirdly good invention; I'm initially from Singapore and love anything with sriracha though, so that helps a bit. I like the whole east meets west vibe though.
Nice work.

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CanDyPirAtesApprenTice May 31, 2011
Asian/Tex-Mex Breakfast