Asian-Style Grilled Tofu

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 11 mins

This recipe came from my mom, who got it from Family Circle. I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon! I cut out the oyster sauce from the marinade, but if you want to use it, the original recipe called for 1 tablespoon of bottled oyster sauce.

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  1. In a small bowl, combine teriyaki, vinegar, lime juice, ginger, Splenda, red pepper flakes and garlic powder.
  2. Open package of tofu and drain.
  3. Slice tofu diagonally in half to form 2 triangular shaped pieces; turn triangle onto long flat cut side with point facing up; cut into 3 triangular slices, each about 1/2-inch thick.
  4. Repeat with second triangle to form six 1/2-inch thick triangular slices.
  5. Spread tofu onto a paper towel-lined tray; top with more paper towels, and cover with a sheet pan; evenly weigh down sheet pan with soup cans and let stand for 10 minutes.
  6. Change paper toweling and repeat.
  7. Transfer tofu to a shallow glass dish and add marinade; let marinate at room temperature for 30 minutes, turning slices over after 15 minutes.
  8. Drain marinade into a small saucepan.
  9. Bring a large pot of water to boiling.
  10. Heat a ridged grill pan over medium-high heat and brush with 2 teaspoons oil.
  11. Cook fettuccine in boiling water according to package directions, adding snow peas, pepper and onion during the last 4 minutes of cooking.
  12. Grill the tofu, about 2 minutes per side, until nicely marked and hot.
  13. Stir broth and cornstarch into marinade and bring to a boil; boil until thickened, about 2 minutes.
  14. Drain noodles and vegetables.
  15. Toss noodles and vegetables with thickened marinade and sprinkle with sesame seeds, then top with grilled tofu.
Most Helpful

This was excellent!! I'm really still learning to cook with tofu and have had alot of failed attempts, but this one hit the mark right on!! I only used 1/3 of a package of tofu, so I would suggest if you do make this and use an entire package, to at least double the amount of marinade. If you like extra sauce on your stir-fry, you might want to even consider tripling the amounts. I made it exactly as written and it turned out wonderfully! Thanks MarrisaB for such a great recipe!!

cheles2kids January 16, 2009

I loved the use of rice vinegar and lime juice in this marinade for the tofu! The flavors really worked nicely together, and I thought it made the taste bright and full of flavor. I really only used the tofu and marinade part of the recipe, not having made the noodles and succeeding sauce, but I would definitely recommend the tofu as is with the marinade. After marinating it, I baked the tofu at 350* in my toaster oven for about 20-25 mnutes. Thanks again for a great recipe!

FoodExplorer March 12, 2008

This was delicious! The sauce is outstanding, and the best part. I grilled the tofu on the grill outside, and slid it into the warmed sauce and fettuccine with snow peas before it hit the table. Thanks for posting this!

akplongmeadow November 21, 2006