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This is one of my favorites. Sooooo easy to make, and delicious. I suggest using toasted sesame oil instead of regular, and when you cook these, yes, fold up the sides and corners, but *do not enclose* the chicken/veggies in the foil. Leave the top open, otherwise, cooking time is *much* longer than 18 mins.

This is a South Beach Diet recipe, so the suggested meal for this has an accompanying salad.

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readerad November 29, 2011

This is a 4 star from me, but 3 star from my bf. I halved it, and added mushrooms. They did not work well, don't do this unless you used tinned ones or very thinly sliced ones. I loved the capscicum (pepper) and the crunch of the water chestnuts.. I found the portions too big, personally. I'm glad I didn't have rice as well, next time I will halve the chicken. But overall, I liked the idea, I might play with it a bit next time. I think some chilli or garlic would be good.

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Sassy Syrah March 10, 2004
Asian-Style Chicken Packets With Vegetables