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This was delicious. We love to make stir-frys and hubby LOVES anything with bacon. This was great!!!

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Kimke May 05, 2003

Kim127, I agreed with you and thought this recipe would be delicious.....mushrooms, chicken, bacon...what's not to like?! My DH, DS and I just were not impressed. The flavors melded together so much that even though I used the Chinese 5-Spice powder - it just wasn't flavorful. Kim127, I would have posted this recipe too; it sounded so flavorful but once made was so "bland." If I were a true chef, I might be able to give suggestions to the "Food and Wine" magazine regarding this recipe but I honestly have no idea how to make it have taste.

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Leslulu September 26, 2008

This was OK but not a favorite of my family's. It was very greasy, not sure if I did something wrong. We weren't crazy about the spice blend either but I am sure that is just our tastes.

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bmcnichol November 24, 2007

This is very hard to review since I think most of my problems with the recipe have to do with the Chinese five spice, which I've never tried before. It had a very strong cinnamon flavor to it that I didn't like. My other problem with the recipe is that it had way too much grease as written. I left out the peanut oil all together, cooked the bacon and drained almost all of the grease off before adding my chicken. Then there was enough bacon grease to coat the pan to cook the mushrooms. Other than that I think it would work well for us with other seasoning than the chinese five spice. I had a McCormick brand if that makes any difference. I also used a pepper bacon for the extra flavor. I don't think any of my changes altered the review of the recipe.

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~Nimz~ November 23, 2007
Asian Style Chicken Breasts and Bacon