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I was unable to participate in the July 4th Cookathon since I had chosen to be part of an Emergency Services team on standby for local celebratory events. So on July 5th, I killed two birds – Cookathon and “Ready, Set, Cook!” – with one recipe, and this one was my lucky choice. The ginger and soy gave the burgers a delicious “oomph” but, for some reason, the ginger just didn’t seem to fit in with the salad. And the peanut butter and peanuts, while noticeably tasty in the slaw/burgers, just didn’t hit it off in the salad - I think perhaps it was more because of the texture rather than the taste. The slaw on the burgers was not in the slightest bit “weird” – hardly different from having a burger with slaw on the side! So the final verdict is that the burgers were definitely first-class and a most worthy contest entry, but it’s back to the drawing board with the salad.

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Mille® July 07, 2002
Asian Style Burger Bash