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These were just fantastic. For me they were quick to put together but I am use to making my dumplings for wonton soup so it didnt seem like too much work. I had cut the recipe in half because we were only two and I just wanted some to go with some lo mein soup for lunch. I had made the sauce and I also made some Peanut Sauce using Chinese Peanut Sauce (excellent) For the soya dipping sauce I had put all the ingredients in a mason jar and just shook it really well, turned out alot easier than just whisking it. For the dumpling mix I had put it in my small food processor and mixed for about 30 seconds. Turned out really well. I had sprayed Pam on the plate so while I was making them they wouldnt stick to the plate. When I was ready to steam them I sprayed the Pam on the steamer and the top of the dumplings. Steamed them in two batches and that worked out fantastic, nothing sticked anywhere. I really loved the taste of these dumplings, just the right amount of everything. I will definitely be making these again. Thanks so much for sharing Pot Scrubber.

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FrenchBunny April 10, 2010

i added an 1/8ts. of "Five Spice" to the mixture.... added some extra zip to these

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DummyRacer36 October 01, 2005

Pre-review ... Ok, I did taste, just haven't sat down for dinner yet. Ok, I made both your dipping sauce and French Bunny's Peanut Sauce. I figured I would make all the dumplings, and freeze the rest. I also had some leftover pulled pork (no sauce), so I figured I would add it along with some cabbage and some of the others toppings. Why not, I had just about 1 cup in the freezer so why not use it up. I made one already, steamed in just a small sauce pan and tried the sauce. Absolutely great! They were actually very easy to make, but I have made dumplings and ravioli many times, so not hard at all. I folded my up like a little triangle, and some like a Hersheys kiss,but you can fold any shape you want. Adding cabbage worked very well too, not too much, but very good. One note ... when I added the cabbage, I chopped mine separately, because it does have some water and I did not want the rest to become watery. I took the cabbage out after a rough chop and set on a paper towel to drain or dry then added to the pork and shrimp mix. I did make some exactly to your directions and from my taste test. EXCELLENT. I don't have a chinese steamer, but a metal one which fans out over a sauce pan. Added the dumplings and covered with a regular lid. No big deal. I got my fan steamer at Walmart for 2 or 3 dollars and use it all the time. I love it. Anyone can make these and I am looking forward to dinner tonight. A neighbor may stop over, so looking for having some good taste testing! I will definitely make these again. Kim

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SarasotaCook July 12, 2010

I loved these and so did my husband. Really not that hard to make, just got to make sure not to overstuff them.

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alpz January 18, 2010

These were much easier to make than I thought they would be. They were restaurant quality, inexpensive to make & very yummy! I made these for our Christmas eve dinner & they were a hit. I will be making these again & again, thanks for the great recipe.

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Gumboot Gourmet December 25, 2009

Thought this recipe was fantastic, and not too hard! Thanks for sharing such a great recipe.

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Jb Tyler, TX September 30, 2009

These were very light and a super fun hubby and wife dinner project. The only thing I would recommend is reducing the dipping sauce to half, a third or even a quarter. With all 48 of the pot stickers dipped in sauce we still had 1.5 cups that went to waste. I'm guessing since the recipe came from a restaurant they make so much because one recipe's worth of stickers is probably 8 or 9 appetizers, each served with their own bowl of sauce. Sauce was a little bland, tasting mostly like soy sauce, will probably add some minced garlic next time. Still the filling was delicious. Steaming them was easier than I thought (I bought a chinese bamboo steamer at Ross for $6 a while back and have been waiting to use it) - less messy and more healthy than frying. Thanks for the recipe, and tip about using Pam (store brand olive oil spray worked just as well) was a bonus.

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Allison 333 July 15, 2008

WOW were these great!! Well worth the effort it takes to make them. I made mine the day before serving, just steaming them and then stacking them in a container with wax paper so they wouldn't stick together. Then right before serving, I browned them in a bit of veg. oil to heat them up. They were a bit hit. I'll be making these for a long time!

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Stacywoo July 01, 2008

UM-O. These were very good. Made these for Tastebud Tickling Travellers ZWT4. We steamed them and sauteed some. They were fantastic both ways. This recipe is a keeper.

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Ycooks2 June 05, 2008

I made this for a challenge in ZWT4 and they were delicious! My DH said they taste just like they do when we go out! They were easy to put together and then I steamed them in my rice cooker... Can't get much easier that that. This is a definite remake! Thanks for posting!

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my3beachbabes June 05, 2008
Asian Steamed Dumpling Filling