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Lovely blend of flavours. I used it on pork loin and marinated overnight. I had to sub the paprika and cayenne for chilli powder as I did not have both. Added some brown sugar to taste, and used ground ginger in the rub. Pan fried the pork and added fresh garlic silvers, and fresh young ginger...finishing with half cup of white wine (plus brown bits and all) towards the end of cooking for some rather rich and intense gravy. This is one of the best recipes I have tried on zaar! Thank you.

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Adelynn January 27, 2005

I followed this almost exactly, except I used an immersion blender to make a thick paste with the oils/spices/wet aromatics. I added a T of palm sugar. I tossed it with chunks of pork loin, marinated an hour or so. and fried it. It had a great taste. BUT- The spices get a bit burnt if frying. I used a spoonful of extra paste mixed in with a veggie soup or plain rice. It's a great condiment, but strong. A little fresh chopped basil or cilantro tastes great with this on rice. Thank you!

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Corinne V. August 11, 2016

Excellent rub! I used it on a broiled flank steak, with great results. Rubbed it on the meat and put in a baggie in the fridge all day, and then broiled. Great combination of flavors. Will be using it again during grilling season!

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Outta Here November 01, 2009

thanks for posting this. i followed this recipe and smeared it on a pork butt, marinated it overnight, and cooked it covered in a low oven for several hours. then i shredded the meat and added a sauce made with rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil before serving. it was excellent. i used leftovers the next day for lo mein.

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chia April 28, 2003
Asian spice rub