Asian Dessert

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10 mins
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I got this recipe from my nephews Head Start class. These were made as part of our EOP carnival day. When we had this dessert the bananas were not mashed but cut in slices. Cool whip was used in place of the whipped cream. Mini marshmallows were used in place of finely cut marshmallows. Candied pre chopped dates were used in place of the cut dates. Finely chopped walnuts were used for the nuts. My nephew and I loved this dessert.

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  1. Mix all ingredients gently.
  2. Top with graham cracker crumbs.
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I tried to made a graham cracker filled pie with this recipe and it was not very good. I think that it may need some vanilla or sugar added to it. I did not follow the recipe the way that it is given below but the taste was just very very bland.