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OK, first of all make sure you read the directions (like I didn't) and KEEP THE TOFU IN ORIGINAL BLOCK while you fry it. I cut it into chunks beforehand and then of course had to sit their and turn them to get all the sides crispy b/c I'm anal like that. If I had just cut it afterwards, like it said to, I would've saved so much time. It tasted great...made a salad with romaine, shredded carrots, alfalfa sprouts, cold cooked three grain rice mix from Trader Joe's, a little sesame seed and furikake and the Asian Vinaigrette on this site (http://www.food.com/recipe/asian-vinaigrette-salad-dressing-114822) and added the tofu on top. OOOMMMGGG. Really, really good. The only reason I couldn't give it 5 stars was my husband STILL doesn't like it (but my 2 little picky kids DID!) and it seemed more work to fry it first than to just marinate it and then throw it in the oven. Next time I will try the latter and see if it still tastes as good. Oh, also, I didn't have green onions so I subbed chopped red onions.

Thanks for this!!

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jimnyo July 30, 2010

Okay, I admit it. I ate the whole thing for lunch. Fantastic. ZWT6

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Debbie R. June 13, 2010

Sensational flavours. I made half a batch for lunch today and savoured every bite. I crushed the garlic and finely chopped the ginger, so didn't bother to discard either before wolfing it all down. Also used fresh lemongrass and the full amount of sesame oil because I adore it. The only hard part was leaving it alone to marinate for 30 minutes.

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Leggy Peggy May 31, 2010

5 stars are not enough! This is one of two MOST FAVORITE tofu recipes. I, too, chop (press or slice) the ginger very small so I don't need to remove it. I found a tube of lemon grass herb blend at the grocery store near the fresh herb section (Gourmet Garden brand) and squeeze in about an inch. I add this to mixed green salads or eat it plain as a quick snack. It keeps well in the fridge.

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swiersem July 09, 2012

Loved this! I doubled the marinade and added broccoli celery onions carrots to marinde. Yummy

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NancyNic June 16, 2012

Five stars, great! I've made this twice and love it. I made as directed, but I used my garlic press to press the two garlic cloves and the ginger, so used less ginger and I didn't remove before serving. I didn't have lemon grass but wanted the hint of lemon so I zested half a lemon and added that. It was so good I didn't bother to buy the lemon grass the second time, just used the lemon zest. Fantastic, I'll make it again. I like to serve it over greens in order to call it a salad. Thanks for posting, Kumquat's friend, I'll make this many times in the future.

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Garlic Chick March 11, 2011

Holy Cow - my kids ate tofu!!! Made this for an after school snack with no great expectations of the kids liking it (I loved it, but who's counting?). They actually scarfed this. Will definitely make again. Thanks. :-)

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evelyn/athens May 26, 2010

So delicious! I was very excited to try the "cook then marinate" method, but I have to apologize for forgetting to do just that. I messed this one up when I had too many recipes going at the same time and dropped it in the marinade before I realized I'd forgotten to fry it first! Bummer! So, I gave up & put it in the fridge to marinate overnight. This morning I got it out to fry up for an unconventional breakfast. DS (17) wandered into the kitchen, pointed at the baking dish and said, "Oh, I didn't like the tofu. :(" I said, "You mean THAT tofu?!" I could only laugh as I told him it hadn't been cooked yet! LOL So, I gently placed the tofu squares on a large griddle and browned them up nice and crispy. The end result was fantastic! I've gotta say, this recipe is foolproof! :) I used all fresh ingredients and we enjoyed the tofu on a bed of Napa cabbage, drizzled with fresh squeezed lemon. It actually made a filling, yet light breakfast. Thanks for sharing this recipe, Kumsie! We'll be making it again (the right way)! Made & enjoyed for ZWT6 Team Xtra Hot Dishes!

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**Tinkerbell** May 23, 2010

Mmmm these are easy to make and sooo good! It's crispy on the outside and yet a bit soft inside. I love the soy marinade too. I didn't remove the garlic clove afterwards as I minced it and it was good with it. I'll be making this again. Thank you for sharing this!

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Pneuma June 04, 2008
Asian Crispy Tofu Salad