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I was a bit sceptical about the addition of mayonnaise to an Asian dish but it made for a very smooth sauce which coated the chicken perfectly. However, I did feel this dish was a touch bland. To liven it up I roasted some chicken strips, which were coated in olive oil, salt and freshly ground black pepper, instead of using just plain cooked chicken. I also added a tiny bit of habernero pepper to the sauce for some heat. As Diggy says, this is a very easy salad to make. You can also turn it into a main course by cooking some noodles, coating them in some of the sauce and serving the chicken and red peppers over top of the noodles. Yummy either way!

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Sackville September 15, 2002

I had a half a BBQ chicken and was looking for a way to serve as a tasty lunchtime sandwich when I came across this recipe! I cut the chicken meat into small pieces added the green onions and red peppers. I didn't halve the mayonnaise/sesame mixture as I wanted it to be quite creamy and poured this mixture over the chicken. I served on fresh bread for lunch. This made an amazing sandwich, a definite keeper which I can see myself using again and again. I think as a salad it would be nice served with crispy noodles and sesame seeds mixed through it. Next time I will use a whole chicken and keep a bowl of this in the fridge so the family can make their own weekend sandwiches when they need them!

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Jewelies July 05, 2004

Quite easy to prepare. I served this with some lettuce and it made a nice meal. DH enjoyed this but it didn't work for me. I did like that the sesame oil and soy sauce tempered the mayonnaise taste a bit.

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Ducky June 08, 2004
Asian Chicken Salad