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I took a risk and made these for a dinner party without ever trying them first because just the recipe sounded so good. They were a huge hit! My husband loved them...he gets bored of food very easily so it was nice to be able to impress him and the others. We used ground chicken and I found I had to use a lot of bread crumbs to get the texture firm enough to make a patty that would stay firm on the grill. I don't think it affected the flavor at all. I served it with a store-bought Wasabi Sauce from Silver Springs and a Lemon sauce purchased from a local Chinese fast food place. I accompanied it with an asian peanut noodle side dish and asian broccoli salad. Next time I won't add the bread crumbs and I will pan fry them to see if there's a difference. Thanks for a unique and healthy recipe--it's a keeper!

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Gina Farina May 08, 2010

These turned out great! I used ground chicken and the mixture was ultra moist so I didn't add any egg or bread crumbs. Ground chicken, even when fully cooked, stays so tender and moist unlike ground beef burgers and it is so much lower in fat so I am always looking for "chicken burger" recipes for this reason. That being said, I am glad I found this one, I really enjoyed it and will be making again! The only thing I did differently was I used canned button mushrooms cause that is what I had on hand.

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my3girlz March 28, 2007

A lot of flavor for this burger!! Like Kree, I grilled mine, and they were very moist and flavorful. Mine were very moist, so rather than forming them into burgers, I just spooned dollops of mixture onto the grill and flattened/shaped them out on the grill.

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Ms*Bindy August 05, 2006

I used turkey and it was so moist that it was impossible to make proper patties. I added 1 cup of oats (or more) and 1/4 cup of breadcrumbs until I got a good consistency to make patties. I ended up making 8 burgers! The flavor was a little weak from all that additional oats I added, so if I have this problem again I'll just simply double the soy sauce, rice wine (I used mirin), and hoisin. Everything else was good though and I used olive oil to make it even healthier. Thanks!

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hippeastrum January 16, 2006

This is a delicious burger! I love the flavor it gets from the sauteed veggies. I used sesame oil instead of peanut based on what I had available, and I also omitted the mushrooms due to personal preference. As a result, I did have to add almost 1/4 cup breadcrumbs to take out the moisture. I grilled the burgers and they came out perfectly. I would definitely make these again.

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Kree July 07, 2005

Wonderful flavor in this burger! The flavors balance beautifully. I subbed a can of sliced mushrooms (drained) for the fresh and chopped them in a food processer. As a result the burgers were a bit soft, but still able to be formed into patties. Thanks PetsRUs for a recipe I will use again!

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Susie D June 19, 2005
Asian Chicken Burgers