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Ooh, this was Delicious!! I split the recipe in half no problem. I think I would split the mayo recipe in half even if I was using the full 2lbs shrimp as well. I cheated on the mayo and just added the flavor ingredients to already-made Hellman's! Still the mayo was delicious!! And the leftover mayo will be a wonderful addition to tomorrow's sandwich :). I also used black pepper instead of white. On the shrimp, I subbed a dash of cayenne for the crushed red pepper & this worked out fine. I was impressed with how flavorful these shrimp ended up with only being in the 'soup' for 4 minutes! Will make this again; Thanks for sharing! [Made & Reviewed for Unrated Asian Tag]

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Gaia22 August 29, 2009

This was very tasty, indeed. A little of this mayo goes a long way - you will have extra. This dish was not hot at all. This would make a great salad with added onions and celery, perhaps other veggies, either over lettuce greens or combined with cooked pasta. Thanks for posting.

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threeovens August 20, 2009

This silenced the table other than the oohs and aahs last night! Absolutely wonderful!! I made this according to directions, tried to anyhow, but ran out of low sodium soy. So i used 1/4 c low sodium soy and 1/4 cup regular soy and omitted the additional salt. It was perfect!I Served it atop butterleaf lettuce with a side of avocados/tomatoes drizzled with a homemade balsamic vinegrette. A very memorable meal, and one that will be repeated quite often. Thank you so much for posting, Manami!!

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Table for Two July 04, 2011
Asian Boiled Shrimp & Spicy Asian Mayonnaise