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I totally forgot to add comments to my review, so here they are. I made this to go with the baked potatoe soup that I made for lunch on Saturday. It was easy to prepare. The only thing that I will do differently next time is add more cheese. It was too herby and not cheesy enough for my tastes. Definetly a keeper though.

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nnreq November 19, 2002

I don't like fennel so I sub'd Rosemary. I also cut back on the yeast a tad since I live at a high altitude. The bread smells really good while baking and the finished product is well-worth the agony of waiting for it to bake!

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Malriah December 16, 2002

This bread is wonderful! I made it today, adding extra grated asiago in the bread as well as stopping it later on (my machine has a pause feature) and adding cubed asiago (dusted in flour) before the last rise. It has great texture and the melted chunks of cheese gave it great taste. Definately a family favorite!

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Kerena September 27, 2008

Something malfunctioned for me here, my bread didn't rise at all in my machine. I ended up kneading it by hand and letting it rise for a good long time near the oven. It never did do a full second rise once I shaped it. Either way, I baked it and passed it off as a foccia type bread, lol. It may not have worked out, but I'm posting because the flavour was great (I used parm cheese and replaced the fennel seeds with other italian spices). I'm looking forward to trying this recipe again and seeing if it works out better next time.

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Len23 April 24, 2007

I've been trying lots of recipes on this site for bread machine and this is my family's favorite! I use just basil and oregano for herbs, and cheap bulk parmesan instead of asiago - but it still comes out wonderful every time: dense, moist, and flavorful, with a nice crust. (I have a 1 lb loaf Panasonic machine.)

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Mymble January 09, 2005

Awesome bread! I used a whole cup of cheese (another reviewer said she may add more next time, and me being the cheese lover I am, said the more the merrier). I also didn't have the fennel and left that out. We ate half the loaf as soon as it was done, yummy!! The rest was finished off with sandwiches. Thanks Sue!!

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Kim127 October 19, 2003
Asiago Herb Bread