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Wow what a process! But what results! I used thighs (our favorite piece). I marinated them for a day . The only problem came when frying...the bone that I wanted to see turn white was covered in flour. I cooked them until they were dark brown & worried they'd be overcooked/burned but there was still pink in the middle. I didn't think the oil was too hot...it bubbled away nicely while cooking. In the end I was tired & frustrated. But the chicken was delicious & got rave reviews all around! I made sure there was plenty but everyone was full afdter only 2 pieces! I used 2 16oz bottles of dressing. I would use more fresh rosemary next time so that flavor will come through better. Dh commented on how well seasoned it was. Thank you! Made for PAC Spring '12.

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Elmotoo April 18, 2012
Ashley's and Jojo's Fried Chicken