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Certainly very different but they were pretty good. I left out the jalapeno as well as the ceyanne since I served this with little guys in mind. The kid's had fresh mango with it as well as a varity of dipping sauces.

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Amis September 22, 2005

these made for a very nice brunch today. i am a bit averse to deep frying so i altered the geometry of this to suit shallow frying. so mine were not exactly potato balls, but flattened into disks. otherwise, i followed your recipe in its entirety, except to substitute jalapenos for green chilis. i also splurged a bit more on the lemon juice and seasoning. the reason for 4* is, i did struggle with getting the batter to the right consistency and would have appreciated even a vague approximation of the water needed to be added to the besan (only NOW do i see charishma has mentioned 1cup, in my hurry this morning i missed the comments). also, i think 35min is way too optimistic a projection if you wanna start these from first principles ie. the time it takes to peel, boil, mash potatoes is well over 20mins in itself. even working in tandem with my husband, with him keeping vigil over them as they fried as i shaped the disks, it still took over an hour from start to finish. so, a bit laborious, but worth the effort ultimately.

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eatrealfood February 26, 2005

Angela, these are ADDICTIVE! I was enjoying the rains this afternoon and then got hungry. LOL. That's when I decided to make this for a snack! I used 2 small green chillies instead of one, 2 cloves of garlic for the garlic, the juice of 1 large lime{instead of lemon juice} and red chilli powder as a substitute for the black pepper. I also used 1 1/2 tsps. of mustard seeds instead of just 1/2 and 1 tbsp of cumin seeds instead of 1/2 tsp. As for the water to make the batter using gramflour, I used 1 cup of water. My batter was pretty thick and I think, just about how it really should be. I think this might help those who try this recipe in time to come. Your instructions to prepare the bondas were wonderfully stated! Please thank Asher from me for these wonderful treats. I managed to make 12 bondas and each one can sell for $5 :) Thanks a bunch for posting these!

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Charishma_Ramchandani June 08, 2004
Asher's Aloo Bondas