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This is a good, basic soup - one that you can dress up with other things, as you desire. I had to use other veggies, as I did not have quite enough carrot. I also added a bay leaf and some peppercorns, as I think they enhance these types of soups. I used a bit more tomato paste. The sour cream adds such a wonderful taste to the soup. Interestingly, I did not really taste the lime the day I made this, but it seemed more evident the next day, when I had the leftovers for lunch. I can see adding a little meat to this to make it more of a main-dish soup - you would not need a lot, with the barley providing so much nutrition.

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duonyte January 15, 2013

I really, really enjoyed this soup! It has a superb flavour and creamy texture. Out of personal preference I decided to omit the tomato paste, I thought the paste would overpower the lime. I am glad I did not add it. Otherwise made as written

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Deantini October 18, 2013
Ash-E-Jow (Iranian Barley Soup)