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If you love garlic, this bread is for you. I have to admit that I just did not have faith that 1/4 tsp. of starter would do the trick, so I put in a heaping tablespoon full. The sponge was lovely and frothy before the end of the day, and continued to be so the next morning. I mixed the dough in my bread maker, which has a pause cycle, but I let it run the entire kneading cycle. The dough was easy to handle. Next time, I think I'll make sandwich rolls. The garlic cloves have a tendency to slip out of the slices, and you do not want to lose any of those tasty morsels. UPDATE: I've made this as buns, awesome, however, I found it works best if you cut up the cloves - I cut them into two or three pieces (the long way) - otherwise, they won't cook through.

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duonyte October 27, 2009

My local grocery store has a whole garlic clove bread, but it's pricey. This recipe is the perfect substitution! I think I messed up my sourdough starter so it didn't rise as much as I would have liked (my loaf ended up on the flat side), but it was still delicious! I used about two whole bulbs of garlic to make the 2/3 cup. Next time, I will divide out the dough to make two smaller loaves instead of one large one. This recipe is a keeper!

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dok9874 July 29, 2014

This bread is AMAZING! Yes, it is time consuming but sooo worth it. Will make this all the time. DH loved it so much.

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adopt a greyhound December 29, 2012

Great dough, great taste and beautiful crust. Nice moist center surrounded by crispy a crust. I cooked mine on the grill on top of a pizza stone. The next time I make it, I will cut the garlic to 1/3 cup. I will like to use this dough recipe with other vegies. I might try with some sun dried tomatoes.

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brian2can June 08, 2010

We love roasted garlic, and by the time this bread baked, the raw garlic was transformed into roasty goodness! We served for Christmas Eve dinner with a typical roast beef dinner, and it was a hit. Like duonyte, I used a Tablespoon of starter in my sponge. I'd definitely make this again - thank you!

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KrisLady January 02, 2009

This is one of those recipes that you would like to give more than 5 stars! The directions were well written and easy to follow. The sponge was very active even with the small amount of starter. I used 1/2 cup garlic cloves which I rough chopped before spreading over the dough. Thanks for the heads up on the browning of the bread. I cooked this in a convection oven for 15 minutes then tented it for an additional 10 minutes. This is a true garlic lovers dream.

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PaulaG February 13, 2007
Artisan Sourdough Garlic Bread