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Sorry, this really didn't work out well for me. I found this recipe to be poorly written and a lot of work for what I ended up with. I have made a lot of bread in my 60 years, so I could figure out what I needed to do, but a novice looking at the directions for this would most likely go in search of another recipe. More detailed step-by-step directions would help. My dough rose fine overnight, nice and high in the bowl, but when I shaped it into a round, and let it rise again on the baking sheet, it just spread out. So I ended up with more of a focaccia. The bread tasted fine, but would have liked a higher loaf. More flour, I guess. I made the rosemary variation. i will stick to the Sullivan St. Bakery method for artisan bread.

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Outta Here May 03, 2012

I followed the recipe exactly for the olive and sweet roasted red pepper variation. I used black greek olives, pretty much the same as kalamata.

We loved the bread. No problems whatsoever.

After the 12 hour rise I did kneed it only about 2-3 min with some bench flour. I shaped it into a round, let rise the additional 2-3 hours, then baked. I did use the steam method, put a pan of water on bottom shelf as directed. 20 minutes was not enough baking time, I baked mine for 30 min.

I loved both the taste and the creativity of this recipe. The texture was just perfect.

Thanks so much.


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personalchef May 03, 2012

We enjoyed this very much. Moist, nice texture, crispy crust... And it fit into our schedule. Made half a batch in bread maker on dough setting, put in fridge, took out next morning, shaped, and let rise for about 3 hours. I reduced the salt by 1/3 rd. I used your cheese and black pepper variation. I reduced the black pepper by 1/3 rd. Next time I would add in roasted red pepper. B/c I split my batch the bake time was shorter, just saying so that others will consider baking less time. (I wanted smaller loaves for the two of us.). Thank you for posting, Tanya.

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WiGal May 15, 2012

I followed the recipe as proposed and I did not have problems. I prepared the half portion for only one loaf (simple plain version).
I^m used to bake bread and perhaps some of the steps where clear for me in any case.
The dough raised as it should and after 12 house I shaped the bread as maybug using flour to dust or brushing some milk (for the headI) to get a darker shining surface e.
The minor change was that I placed an old aluminum mold with some water to produce steam while cooking.
After shaping I waited two hours and really only then I used a sharp knave to make incisions.
After baking it came out really pretty. The dough hat small (but a lot) air bubbles.
All my family liked it very much!
If somebody prefer to try it with bigger bubbles, I suggest not to work the dough too much ,
It's a good base for "shaped" breads.
I saw the pizza crust recipe variation. It is exactly the way as I prepare mine when I need it.
Thanks a lot for posting this recipe

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awalde May 12, 2012

Well, I did NOT want to leave stars for this as I did not think it's fair as I had several problems with this recipe. First and probably what the problem is I just had surgery and was still feeling pretty weak so probably made more than one mistake and I was really tired about half way through. 2nd, the first rise just about exploded over my bowl, I think I should have done a slow, fridge rise as others did. As large as it turned out, I made it into one large boule and 2 large baquettes and then cooked as directed (by the way, I used the rye variation) they never rose in the oven, turned out hard and flat, more like a foccasia than bread and while the taste was OK, just couldn't get through the hard flat taste - and I don't mean crusty - I mean hard. Because of the final look I didn't even take a photo. Like I said though, the way I was feeling it was probably the WORST time to even try this bread, so I really did not want to leave stars and will try it again once I'm feeling much better and revise the rating.

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Bonnie G #2 May 12, 2012

I debated about how many stars I should give this bread. On the first long (12 hour) rise it rose like crazy and I was concerned about it rising over the large bowl I put it into. However after I shaped the dough for the second rise it took all day to get risen enough to bake. The biggest problem was the same as Galley Wench mentioned. It has too much salt. You can actually taste the salt. I make a lot of bread. I enjoy making bread. My suggestion would be to cut the amount of salt down to about half what is listed in the recipe or add a Tablespoon or so of sugar to balance out the salt. A increase in the amount of yeast should improve on the rise.. I used 1 1/4 cup of wheat bread instead of all white flour as the chef suggested, and the variation I used was 1/3 cup oatmeal and 1/4 cup potato flakes. Made for Variety Is The Spice Of Life game Spring 2012.

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CarrolJ May 10, 2012

I made the basic recipe and followed the directions, but did mix and knead in my food processor. This was an quick and easy recipe to put together. Had excellent results with the overnight rise, using 1 1/2 tsp. dry yeast. Same with the 2nd rise. Made this for a graduation party and it was a great success. Used it to dip in balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Everyone loved it. Made for Variety is the Spice of Life Event.

Thank You for sharing.

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MomLuvs6 May 27, 2012

I don't make bread often but this looked like a nice and easy recipe to try. I had a little difficulty with the bread, it didn't want to rise a second time, I left it on the counter for 6 hours and then baked it. It didn't produce a big loaf, but it was very tasty. I ended up with a nice dense loaf of bread. I choose the plain version because of my picky dh. He enjoyed it toasted with butter and jam. Thanks for sharing your recipe TanyaW. Made for Variety Event May/12

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Baby Kato May 24, 2012

Made your recipe for the Variety Is The Spice of Life event. Because I changed much of the recipe do not feel it's fair to rate it with stars. I used your formula plus blue cheese and toasted walnuts, however I used my method, which is cold fermentation. I used instant yeast and mixed it in with the flour and salt then added cold water and kneaded for one minute in my Kitchen Aid, then allowed the dough to rest for 10 minutes. Then kneaded another minute or so and then turned it out on an oil board. I then stretched the dough and folded like a letter, turned it a quarter turn and then stretched and folded again. Return the dough to the bowl, covered and allowed to rest 10 minutes and then repeated the stretch and fold process and allowed to rest 10 more minutes again with one final stretch and fold. Placed the dough in the covered bread bucket and placed in the refrigerator for 18 hours. Removed from the refridgerator 4 hours before I planned to bake. After 2 hours, flattened the dough into a circle and sprinkled the walnuts and blue cheese on the top, then folded towards the center and kneaded to distribute the cheese and nuts. Shaped the loaf and allowed to rise and then baked. My big issue was the bread was too salty to eat, which may have been because of the cheese!

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Galley Wench May 12, 2012

This recipe made a nice pizza crust. After the overnight rest in the refrigerator, I broke off a handful and rolled it out thin (about 1/4"). Then I topped it with sauce and other ingredients and baked in a 375 degree oven until the cheese melted and the crust was crusty. The consistency was fine, the flavor a little blah. I used the rosemary/olive oil variation. I also accidentally found out that it make great pita bread. I hand patted the dough out to make a flat bread (I was going to make flat bread pizza) to about 1/2". Then I pan fried it in a hot skillet over high heat. It got quite puffy. I thought, "Oh no!" I turned it to cook the other side and it stayed a little puffy. So I stabbed it. I thought it might be an okay flat bread, but not pizza. So I cut off a piece and realized I had made a pita bread. It taste pretty good. I let the remainder rise in a small loaf pan, but it didn't rise after sitting all day. So I baked it anyway and was disappointed in the hard, dense loaf. So pita bread it is! Just so you know, I am NOT an experience bread baker.

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threeovens May 30, 2012
Artisan Basic French Bread and Variations (Overnight)