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I give it 4 stars cause at first I wasn't sure if I would like it. Cause I don't like antichoke. And for me, I tasted the antichokes. My baby of 23 months ate a little bit of these mashed potatoes. I think he liked it :) Thanks for posting MommyDiva :)

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Boomette September 25, 2007

The artichokes add a nice flavor without making the mashed potatoes taste "artichok-y". DH and kids had no clue that artichokes were in here. I added a bit of sour cream just to give some extra creaminess. I think you could get away with 2 cans of artichokes if you really want to taste them. Great way to get some extra vitamins. I'll repeat this recipe. Thanx for posting it!

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*Parsley* August 02, 2007

Nice spin on mashed potatoes. We love marinated artichoke hearts, that is all we keep in the house, but we used half the quantity so they wouldn't overpower it (I think we could have done the full amount, but DH wanted to try halving them). That also led me to add less butter because of the added oil. I followed another reviewer and added nonfat sour cream to them also (added til we had the right amount of liquid - probably a cup between that and the milk). They tasted great.

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Maito June 12, 2014

MADE FOR ZWT4. The combo of potatoes and artichokes appeal to me too! Mommy Diva, I hope you will not be too annoyed at me, but I thought mashing it all together might make it awfully bland. So I kept the potatoes in small chunks, and cut up the artichokes. I added the milk and butter, plus salt and coarse pepper. This is a pale dish, and the photographs were VERY hard to take!! First, it's winter where I am and I have to rely on electric lights and the camera flash. The camera flash is death to white foods!! I used strips of red pepper and a good sprinkle of paprika for colour, but the photos were really not up to standard: I apologise. I added coarse black pepper but apart from not mashing, did not change a thing. We had it with (posted for ZWT4) Pork Chops Sliven Style. Went very well together, They can drop me off at a desert island with only a bag of good potatoes!! Thanks, and please, for Eastern Europe I think 3 stars for such a comforting dish is great: it means we really liked it!!!

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Zurie June 06, 2008

These are very good. I used 4 medium red potatoes instead of Idaho potatoes. I am not a big fan of mashed potatoes but these were worth making. They were easy to make. I had these with Skillet Tarragon Chicken they were really good together. They made a great Sunday dinner. Thanks for sharing your recipe Momma!! Made for the March 2008 Bevy Tag game.

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AuntWoofieWoof March 11, 2008

I made these and got rave reviews from my son aged 22 and my nephew aged 16 so it was an all male revue !!! I added a bit of crumbled fetta that needed using and the whole lot vanished - thanks Mommy Diva.

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katew June 30, 2007
Artichoke Mashed Potatoes