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Kudos on a faboulous recipe. I didn't have any Orange essential oil, so I used Grapefruit. (Peppermint tends to burn my skin...but it would have been good alternate). I am not quite as fussy with the cooking method though. I weighed beeswax pellets directly into my smallest pot, weighed out the jojoba oil and melted it directly over the flame...constantly moving the pellets around until they had dissolved (3 minutes) I had already measured out the shea butter on my scale, so I added that and kept moving the pot around until it had melted. Reminder: essential oils are heat sensitive...so once the mixture had cooled down somewhat, I added the grapefruit essential and some Vitamin E to act as a preservative. I got 4 - 1 oz pots plus 2 lip tubes. I had to try whatever was left in the pot and I I am still smacking on my lips. The grapefruit taste was very subtle. I plan on giving these beauties for Xmas/hostest gifts over the season. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I would highly recommend this. P.S. There is nothing to say that you can's use this as a cuticle cream!!!

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Abby Girl November 30, 2009
Aromatic Orange Lip Balm