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I'll give it five stars even if I've never made it just yet just because I've had the beef version of this and I'm totally hooked. Rendang is so yummy. I'm so happy I can actually use chicken as a substitute, it cooks faster than beef so I don't need to wait that long and I can dig in right away.

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Pinaygourmet #345142 April 03, 2009

I used 3 chicken thighs to make this for 2-3 servings. Never having any Malay food before I did not know what to expect and was hoping it was not too hot. It is not hot at all and actually sweeter than I expected. I normally do not use shallots because they are quite costly here and used regular onion along with garlic to mimic the taste of shallots. I'm not sure what you serve this with normally other than white rice, but I think this dish will really go well with big salad with tart salad dressing or vinegared side dish. The taste is quite complex from different flavors coming through for such an easy preparation. Thank you you RotiJala for posting this yummy recipe. Looking forward to get more acquainted with foods from Malaysia and Indonesia.

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Rinshinomori November 17, 2008
Aromatic Chicken Rendang