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A Greek treat this was! Had to inmprovise a bit. Could not get the cut of meat you state in the recipe. I bought a piece of boneless leg of lamb. I fried and browned that first, when it cooled I cut it in thin slices to put in the filo parcels. In the steps you mention potatoes, but they are at the moment of writing this review not in the ingredients list. I peeled and sliced a potato and added that to the parcel. The cheese I could not get and I used feta cheese. My parcels ended up quite large approx 6x4 inch, don't know or they are supposed to be like that or that I should have pushed it all a bit more together to make the parcel smaller. I made them well in advance so I only had to pop them in the oven. To make this long story a bit shorter...we loved the dish, the lamb was tender, the cheese and herbs gave it a soft background flavor and the filo was lovely golden and crisp!

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Pets'R'us April 21, 2003
Arni exohiko ("surprise" lamb country style )