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I'm not sure I should give a star rating; I made so many changes (due to what I had on hand) that it was almost another recipe entirely. Still, it was delicious and the aroma was amazing!
I used super thin cut steaks instead of butterflying a thick flank steak. I didn't have wine, fresh basil or spinach, or prosciutto. I started by layering frozen chopped spinach, shredded carrot, chopped asiago cheese, dried basil, diced red onion, red bell pepper, dried thyme and bacon in a casserole dish; I baked it until the veggies were soft, cheese melted, and bacon cooked. Then I spread the steaks with the paste (made as described) and topped with the vegetable and bacon mixture. Rolled them up and they were juicy and huge. Topped with salt, pepper, breadcrumbs and a little more thyme. I didn't brown the meat because they wouldn't hold together enough to tie... so I just placed them seam side down in the pan and roasted till they were done (about 45 minutes total). I checked halfway through and there was so much juice in the pan that it didn't need added liquid. Once they were done, I removed them from the pan and added beef stock and the rest of the paste and Worcestershire sauce. Simmered to reduce and it became a lovely brown sauce that was delicious over the stuffed steaks. We ate till we were stuffed! Thank you for the inspiration and for an extremely forgiving recipe! I'm sure they would be even better made as described.

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JeannaLW October 31, 2011

This was amazing! It was tender and full of flavor. Will definitely make again.

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jacurlynengelmann March 01, 2010

Delicious and one of the best stuffed Flank Steaks I have tasted! The aroma alone makes for a five. The meat so tender the stuffing just right for us. Makes for great presentation as well as taste. How good? I picked up another at the butcher shop today for a repeat!

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Gerry June 18, 2008

We enjoyed this dish very much. It smells wonderful in the oven, looks attractive on the plate, and tastes great. (Not to mention it is nutritious and economical.) I think this recipe would work very well for a large dinner (up to the capacity of your oven). The sauce and vegetable quantities can be easily increased, and the rolls could be assembled and browned sequentially. Also, I believe you could simplify the preparation greatly by using a bottled steak sauce. I would omit the bread crumbs - they seem to only add bulk, not texture or flavor.

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realbirdlady June 16, 2008
Argentine-Style Stuffed Flank Steak